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Snapshot Captures In IDL – Native/Stored Resolutions

Terms: Native resolution = the resolution the screenshot was taken at, i.e 1080x1200. Stored resolution = the resolution the screenshot is stored at - prior to Dec 2016: 800x600; after that: native. Thumbnail resolution = the mini-view that is in the IDL viewer.

Snapshot Captures In IDL – Native/Stored Resolutions2019-03-15T18:17:41+00:00

Have you considered HANDS-ON training for HealthIT?

When it comes to learning and development, how are you engaging with interactive hands-on learning? Through technology, learners have become active hands-on learners. They want to “do” while being taught, they want to participate in their learning.

Have you considered HANDS-ON training for HealthIT?2019-02-03T00:58:57+00:00

Lab on Demand UI Changes

Lab on Demand is getting a pretty big UI overhaul this weekend. Some of the new features being released in the very near future are…

Lab on Demand UI Changes2019-01-09T04:21:28+00:00

Windows 2016 Deployment

Windows Server 2016 is finally here and Learn on Demand Systems is ready! We have been working with the Microsoft Windows Server team for the past year building and testing this latest generation of Microsoft private cloud platforms within our own data centers and the results are excellent. I wanted to take some time to outline just how we are leveraging Windows Server 2016.

Windows 2016 Deployment2019-02-03T00:59:25+00:00

LODS Pricing Update

We have increased stability and performance - We have been upgrading our infrastructure and hardware footprint, retiring older hardware, and adding new hardware to deliver faster, and more fault tolerant lab solutions. We have enabled features such as geo-redundancy, geo-load balancing, and 800% increases in bandwidth and throughput.

LODS Pricing Update2019-02-03T00:59:37+00:00

eLearning = Painless EMR Adoption

Hand held technology has become common in nearly every aspect of life. Allowing for more eLearning than ever before, healthcare must embrace eLearning and mLearning, realizing it can affect change of healthcare adoption and acceptance by clinicians.

eLearning = Painless EMR Adoption2019-02-03T00:59:49+00:00


CEO, Corey Hynes will be live streaming from Facebook Friday August 26th at 12:00PM EDT. This weeks topic is all about PBT. Be sure to tune in.

#LODSLive – PBT2019-02-03T01:05:51+00:00

“Training Labs”…Not Just for Training

Learn on Demand Systems is known for our virtual hosted training labs. We host the labs for Microsoft tech events world-wide, as well as Microsoft training labs for training centers in 145 countries around the world. We also host other training labs for CompTIA, IBM and EC Council to name a few. But did you know that labs can be used for more than training? It’s true!

“Training Labs”…Not Just for Training2019-01-09T04:25:56+00:00

OneLearn Health IT

HEALTHCARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY...a seamless EHR go-live or platform upgrade, one in which you could gauge, before system launch, the level of your clinicians’ knowledge and identify additional training needs.

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