Lab on Demand Geo-Location – Launching From the Closest Datacenter

LOD | Release date: 06/15/17

With the opening of our APAC and EU datacenters, we have added support for geo-location to Lab on Demand.

Notifications Now Live in OneLearn Training Management System and Lab on Demand

TMS-LOD | Release date: 06/13/17

This past weekend we added support for a notifications engine in both OneLearn Training Management and OneLearn Lab on Demand.

Protect External Link Resources and Content from Unauthorized Users

LOD | Release date: 06/12/17

If you have files in a protected external blob storage account that are used for lab resources or videos, these files are now protected from someone sharing a link to those files.

Mark a Lab Profile as a Favorite to Easily Find Again

LOD | Release date: 06/02/17

When you are working with a lab profile and want to be able to get back to it quickly in the future, you can now mark it as a Favorite.

Control the Maximum Number of Students in a Class

TMS | Release date: 05/31/17

We now can set a limit to the number of students an organization can have in a class they own.

 “Clone” a Class Roster for Another Class

TMS | Release date: 05/31/17

You can easily add all students enrolled in one class to the roster of another class. This can be very handy when the same set of students are progressing from one class to the next…

Protect External Link Activities

TMS | Release date: 05/31/17

If you have files in a protected external blob storage account, these files are now protected from someone sharing a link to those files from a course’s activities or resources.

Enable SecureNet on Lab Profiles

LOD | Release date: 05/08/17

Through SecureNet, we have the capability, that we do not have on WebNet, to set restrictions and block sites. These restrictions can be increased or decreased as needed.

Bookmark Courses Now from More Locations

LMS | Release date: 04/28/17

This allows you to easily find and take courses in the future. To bookmark a course from the Course Details page…

Provide and View Feedback on Courses

LMS | Release date: 04/28/17

It provides a place for users to provide simple feedback that includes text and a Smiley / Frowney face on courses…

GitHub Integration

LOD | Expected release date: 03/31/17

Edit a labs content in GitHub and update IDL with the changes.

Shared Labs (Cyber Range)

LOD | Release date: 03/10/17

Create lab environments that share their networks with each others to allow machines to communicate between a Shared Lab Environment and Participants.

New UI Choice for Organization Course Catalog

LMS | Release date: 02/17/17

Set your organization’s course catalog to a simplified, user-friendly experience.

Tiered Experience Levels for Labs

LMS/LOD | Release date: 02/01/17

You can choose the experience level your users will get when they launch a lab through a class or course assignment. There are currently 2 levels: Premium (full set of features) and Basic (limited features). Please contact your Account Executive or Operations for more details.

Azure Spending Controls

LOD | Expected release date: August 2017

Control the spending of a user when completing labs that are hosted on Azure.

Azure Integration

LOD | Expected release date: August 2017

Support for Azure integration such as resource group management, streamlined UI, and PowerShell automation.

Integrated PBT (PBT Phase 2)

LOD | Expected release date: Quarter 2

Second phase of PBT feature set.

Layout Changes for Sections and Activities in Courses

LMS | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Create activity sub-sections within sections.

Asynchronous Launch

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Ability to start a lab launch, and request notification of when it is completed.  Usefull for long launching labs such as Azure labs.

Bring Your Own Subscription

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Support for allowing resources to be pushed into a user’s Azure subscription that they own/manage.

Download Functionality of VMs and Content 

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

With permissions, download full copies of labs, including documentation and virtual machines, to own system for offline storage, archive, or importing on an additional system.

Container Support

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Choose a PowerShell Learning Container instead of a virtual machine when designing a lab.

Lab Client UI Refresh

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Full refresh of LOD client UI to provide a better lab experience.