New UI Choice for Organization Course Catalog

LMS | Release date: 02/17/17

Set your organization’s course catalog to a simplified, user-friendly experience.

Tiered Experience Levels for Labs

LMS/LOD | Release date: 02/01/17

You can choose the experience level your users will get when they launch a lab through a class or course assignment. There are currently 2 levels: Premium (full set of features) and Basic (limited features). Please contact your Account Executive or Operations for more details.

Flags for Newly Created and Featured Courses 

LMS | Release date: 11/29/16

Set the number of days a course is flagged as new for your organization. Designate a course as Featured. Badges will identify courses as new or featured on search pages.

LTI Support

LMS | Release date: 11/29/16

Create activities that use an LTI provider to launch content.

Offline Editing Model for Lab Content

LOD | Release date: 11/23/16

Export, change, and import current lab manuals using a specified format.

Course Custom Fields

LMS | Release date: 10/21/16

Custom fields can now be used with courses like they are for classes, users, clubs, and tracks. Contact to add custom fields to your courses.

UI Changes

LOD | Release date: 10/07/16

New menu bar including “what’s new” with information on new features and releases, new design which follows Microsoft Web Framework, and “Flat Design” which is optimized for higher resolutions and touch. Also included are refreshed icons, styles and cleaner editing tools.

Lab Host Tagging

LOD | Release date: 10/07/16

Tool for infrastructure and content to target labs against host capabilities.

LTI Scoring Policy 

LOD | Release date: 10/07/16

Tool to return scores for labs over LTI.

Course Activity Durations

LMS | Release date: 09/15/16

Add the expected duration on activities to display to users. Add to all activities in a course to display total expected duration in the Activities heading.

External Video Providers

LMS | Release date: 09/15/16

Coordinate with us to set up External Video Providers for use with video activities by contacting

Text Color Enhancements in Tasks 

LOD | Release date: 09/12/16

Add background or foreground color to task text to highlight important information.

Achievements Engine 

LOD | Release date: 09/12/16

Define achievements for usage of labs, and award badges to learners for completion of lab topics.

System Announcements Display 

LMS | Release date: 08/23/16

View announcements that have not been permanently closed and have not expired from a badge next to login name.

Custom Fields

LMS | Release date: 08/19/16

Add custom fields to users, classes, and more.

Assessment Exam Results Displayed

LMS | Release date: 08/12/16

View exam status and results on the Lab Instance page.

LOD Integration Service for Linux VMs 

LOD | Release date: 08/02/16

Submit IDL actions and conduct PBT scoring in Linux based VM’s.

LTI Support

LOD | Release date: 07/19/16

Set up labs to be launched via LTI as well as our existing API. Full integration with Edx platform.

Customizable Organization Contact Information 

LMS | Release date: 07/13/16

Customize the contact information to be specific to your organization for users.

Powershell Learning Environment 

LOD | Release date: 07/13/16

Embed a container-based PowerShell instance in any website and have live access to a PowerShell console.

Bug Tracking System 

LOD | Release date: 07/12/16

Have lab students report bugs directly to you from the lab, including screenshots and context information. Also includes lab author notification and bug tracking/resolution system.

Storage Replication Engine 


Replicate lab content automatically across datacenters for redundancy and load balancing.

Shared Labs (Cyber Range)

LOD | Expected release date: March 1, 2017

Create lab environments that share their networks with each others to allow machines to communicate between a Shared Lab Environment and Participants.

GitHub Integration

LOD | Expected release date: March 2017

Edit a labs content in GitHub and update IDL with the changes.

Ability to Move Activities Between Sections in Courses

LMS | Expected release date: Quarter 1

Move activities from one section to another and create activity sub-sections.

Integrated PBT (PBT Phase 2)

LOD | Expected release date: Quarter 2

Second phase of PBT feature set.

Duplication of Class Roster for Another Class

LMS | Expected release date: Quarter 2

Add enrolled students from a selected class’ roster to another class’ roster.

Bulk Class Import Tool

LMS | Expected release date: Quarter 1 (2017)

You will be able to download a csv template, fill it out, and then upload it to import classes in bulk.

Layout Changes for Sections and Activities in Courses

LMS | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Create activity sub-sections within sections.

Asynchronous Launch

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Ability to start a lab launch, and request notification of when it is completed.  Usefull for long launching labs such as Azure labs.

Bring Your Own Subscription

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Support for allowing resources to be pushed into a user’s Azure subscription that they own/manage.

Download Functionality of VMs and Content 

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

With permissions, download full copies of labs, including documentation and virtual machines, to own system for offline storage, archive, or importing on an additional system.

Container Support

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Choose a PowerShell Learning Container instead of a virtual machine when designing a lab.

Azure Spending Controls

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Control the spending of a user when completing labs that are hosted on Azure.

Lab Client UI Refresh

LOD | Expected release date: Not yet scheduled

Full refresh of LOD client UI to provide a better lab experience.