February 01, 2017


Search for User Activity

With the proper permissions, you can now search for user activity to see where a user has been in the LMS. On the Users tile on the Admin page, click Find User Activity. Add several filters and output options to refine your search.

The ability to see the Find User Activity link and the results received are based on the following General permissions:

  • Activity Viewing (by managed users)
  • Activity Viewing (by organization)

In addition, the API and its documentation have been updated with the following command: SearchUserActivity


View When Club Membership Keys Start and Expire

When searching for Club Membership Keys, you can now see when they start and expire. On the Find Club Membership Keys page, select these columns from the Output Options dropdown. In addition, you can sort on these columns.


LMS Updates

  • You can now sort on the Completion Status column on Find Lab Instances.



There were no feature pushes for LOD on this date.


January 17, 2017


LMS Updates

  • SCORM/AICC content and Assessments can now be launched from Simple Course Assignments.
  • A color coding editor has been added a to the Site Edit page for the Custom CSS editor.
  • An organization setting has been added to give organizations the ability to default created course assignments to the Simple view for their users. If the user is an administrator, there is a Show Advanced link to view the default “classic” view.
  • Class Enrollment Training Keys are now only valid for classes in the status of Scheduled and Guaranteed to Run.
  • The term Center has changed to Organization on Organization Registration pages.
  • An Export link has been added to Coupon Pools.
  • Lab launch/resume attempts are now validated against enrollment status, time frame of class/CA (EL and expiration dates), and user permission level. Basic functionality for Assessment launching from the Simple Course Assignment page.
  • Legacy pricing fields are hidden on courses.



LOD Updates

  • New ILT vs. non-ILT usage options have been added for Cloud Credential Pools:
    • Issue to non-ILT launches – Controls whether “direct” launches and self-paced launches ever get a cred.
    • Issue to ILT launches – Controls whether to ever issue creds to ILT launches.
    • Issue to ILT instructors – Controls whether to issue creds to instructors launching from inside their class.
  • A support ticket link has been added on the Support tab of launched labs. A configuration setting has also been added for the support ticket link so it can be turned off for customers who don’t use our helpdesk.
  • Maximum Duration now has a warning that only shows up once a change is made to the max duration, and only in edit mode. Alert for changing save settings in lab profile if there are active lab instances
  • The color has been standardized in the UI.


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