Learn on Demand Systems is pleased to announce that Emmy Carter has been named 2020 Employee of the Year. This annual award recognizes and rewards the individual who has had made a substantial impact to the company, demonstrated extreme dedication to our goals, grown in his or her role, won the praise and respect of his or her peers and never stepped back from a challenge.

“To be the Employee of the Year you must not only own your role, but own it to the point that you naturally evolve it into something more, something we cannot function without, all while inspiring those around you,” says Corey Hynes, CEO of Learn on Demand Systems.

“Emmy did all of that and more in 2020 and I am so proud to have watched her career evolve to this point. She is absolutely deserving and I’m glad to celebrate her in this way.”

Emmy joined Learn on Demand Systems in June 2014 as an Events Project Manager and served in that role for two years. Her career aspirations briefly took her away from the company, but according to Emmy, “When it came down to it, I really missed working with this company for many reasons, mostly the people that I worked with and the drive this company has.”

Emmy rejoined the organization in January 2019 as a Lab Services Manager and has quickly been promoted into a Lead Program Manager role where she manages the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) program for Learn on Demand Systems.

In that role, she guides our team to innovate and expand lab features and functionality, such as the recently expanded language availability.

“We accomplished so much in 2020 and in 2021 we’re looking to continuously improve our MOC product and bring customers more of what they want in a better way,” says Emmy.

Normally the Employee of the Year enjoys a week-long vacation, but due to the ongoing pandemic this year’s prize was augmented to be a cash award.

In this interview, Emmy reflects on how she felt when she knew her name was going to be called and an interesting bit of history about her journey to Employee of the Year.