The Cloud Health Monitor Service has been improved and given a new name. The service is now called Cloud Watchdog. It now performs better and more efficiently than the Cloud Health Monitor Service.

The service works in multiple stages:

  • Stage 1 – Find service: Finds issues and logs them.
  • Stage 2 – Remediation: Resolve issues found in stage 1, delete resources that failed to tear down if needed.
  • Stage 3 – Report: Report issues in Health Check emails if necessary, and update cloud subscription pool Health Check U
    • Features include:
      • Health Checks now apply to CSS labs, the same way they applied to CSR.
      • Health Checks have two functions; checks for orphaned resources are a frequent rate, and checks for subscription configuration issues such as invalid credentials or expiration, at a longer interval.
      • Health Check intervals have been updated to check every hour/day/week.
      • If an issue is detected, the subscription owner listed on the subscription pool will receive an email with a list of the issues found, as well as a link to the associated pool.