Session hosted and recorded on Thursday, May 20  

Category: BDM | Best Practices


Our collective goal as learning designers and developers is to create changed behaviors in our learners. We want them to not just to learn something valuable from the content we create, but to apply that knowledge to their environment.

In this session, you will hear from our experienced Professional Services team how challenge-centric learning can revolutionize your training offerings. You will discover how anchoring your training in task-based challenges and planning for desirable difficulty and result in a skilled workforce. Additionally, you will learn about effective use of assessment as a learning strategy, how meaningful feedback can impact learner cognition, and how to effectively integrate skills into daily work. Finally, you will see a demonstration of how challenge-centric learning can be incorporated into your training via our scored labs. You will leave this session with a deeper understanding of how training can directly impact the skills of your learner and provide long lasting retention and behavioral change in your organization.

Key Takeaways

1. The value of a challenge-centric approach to learning design
2. What impact scored labs can have in a challenge-centric approach and what they look like
3. Insight from our Professional Services team on effective ways to develop challenge-centric training

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Brian Bork is a Technical Content and Event Manager at Learn on Demand Systems.  Brian became an MCT in 1999. He has taught Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, HTML/PHP and IIS technologies all over the world. Still certified as an MCT, Brian now teaches educational soft-skills about remote/virtual/online delivery technologies.