Session hosted and recorded on Thursday, June 10  

Category: LOD | Lab Developer


Learn on Demand Systems has many features that enable lab developers to challenge learners. One of the newest features for challenge-centric learning is Activity-based Assessment Outcomes (ABAs). You can now take your learners down different “paths” based on success or failures of questions or activities using ABAs, enabling you to create completely customizable and challenging labs that will engage your learners in totally new ways.

Key Takeaways

1. Basic understanding of creating assessment questions and automated activities in Lab on Demand with IDLx editor
2. Creating ABAs and learning paths in your labs
3. Using the scoring features and viewing learner results

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Brian Bork is a Technical Content and Event Manager at Learn on Demand Systems.  Brian became an MCT in 1999. He has taught Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, HTML/PHP and IIS technologies all over the world. Still certified as an MCT, Brian now teaches educational soft-skills about remote/virtual/online delivery technologies.