We recently implemented in-app guides, tool tips and a Resource Center to help you and your team acclimate to features within Lab on Demand (LOD) and the Training Management System (TMS).

As you work within the platforms, keep an eye for guides that subtlety pop up on screen, are triggered behind an information marker (see example above) or  in the bottom-right corner of your screen (see example below).


Step-by-Step Guides

The guides provide step-by-step assistance and additional context for features, and can be stepped through to completion and repeated, if desired. You also have the ability to close out a guide if assistance is not needed.

Tool Tips

Tool tips are indicated with an information icon and focus on defining or providing additional context for a function or field. Tool tips are activated by hovering over the icon and are dismissed by moving your mouse.

Resource Center

Gain easy access to platform updates, product documentation and upcoming events within the Resource Center, accessed by clicking the “?” in the bottom-right corner of your screen. You’ll also see an option to share your feedback via our new customer feedback portal.


New guides will be released on a regular basis and we hope you’ll find this additional assistance helpful when working within the Learn on Demand Systems platforms.