Your students can now earn achievements when they pass an exam or complete a learning path! And if badges are attached to the achievements, they can share the externally hosted badge with others.

When you build these achievements, you can use simple JSON conditions or more complex JSON with multiple conditions. Here are examples of each:

  • Simple JSON condition for passing an exam lab with the ID of 12345: [{Subject:0,Count:1,Passed:true,LabProfileIds[12345]}]
  • Complex, multiple conditions for completing a learning path that is comprised of 2 courses with one lab each (IDs 11223 and 11223) and a course with an exam lab (ID 12345): [{Subject:0,Count:1,Complete:true,Distinct:true,LabProfileIds[11223,11224]},{Subject:0,Count:1,Passed:true,LabProfileIds[12345]}]

The Help documentation for this will be updated soon.