We are proud to announce the release of our newest IDLx feature – activity-based assessments. In addition to the capability of adding automated Performance Based Testing (PBT) at the end of a lab, we noticed several customers needing the ability to offer assessments as their lab progress, either as an optional ‘knowledge check’ or as a required assessment before being allowed to continue (‘building blocks’). The result is the ability to utilize a variety of ways to check knowledge throughout a lab.

Creating activities within labs helps to keep your students more involved in the learning process, taking knowledge retention to the next level. 

Activities fall into two broad categories: automated and questions.  Automated activities have a script configured to run against a virtual machine or a resource in the cloud. You can choose between creating multiple choice or short answer questions:

  • Multiple choice
    • Single answer
    • Multiple answers
  • Short answer
    • Exact match
    • Regex match

Optionally, you can enable scoring for questions in your lab. Scoring allows the student to be given a score for each activity they complete correctly, and those scores contribute to the student’s overall score in the lab. As the lab author, you set the passing score for the lab after you enable scoring in the lab.  After activities are created, they can be modified at any time, using the activity editing menu. Other options include:

  • Allowing retries: allows the user to retry a question if they enter an incorrect answer.
  • Blocking page navigation: checking this box prevents the student from navigating to the next page in the lab instructions, unless they have entered an answer to this question.
  • Requiring for submission: click to make this short answer question required, for the student to submit their lab.
  • Providing correct answer feedback: this will be displayed to the user upon entering a correct answer to a short answer question.
  • Providing incorrect answer feedback: this will be displayed to the user upon entering an incorrect answer to a short answer question.

The feature is available now at no additional cost!  It’s been automatically enabled for all customers building labs.

For information on how to start creating
activity-based assessments click here!