ABA Activity Groups allow question and automated activities to be grouped together so that they may be managed as one unit. Some of the benefits of this approach include:

  • Activities can easily be sorted into groups and the order chosen by the lab author. A group is then inserted into the instructions using one @lab replacement token.
  • Drop a group into your instructions and allow the platform to handle displaying individual activities. As new activities are added to the group, there is no need to update the IDLx markdown.
  • Activities can be randomized when displayed to a student with the click of a button.
  • The number of activities to display from each group can be specified by the lab author. This allows the author to create a pool of activities to draw from, further randomizing the assessment between students. Scoring will be normalized to a value specified in the group when this option is enabled.
  • A new option to consolidate evaluation buttons has been added. Instead of displaying an individual Check or Evaluate button for every single activity within a group, a single button that will perform on-demand evaluation for the entire group may be displayed.
  • Additionally, the answers to multiple choice questions can be displayed in a random order in both activity groups and standalone activities.