More exclusive access to technical support for your classes, labs and lab development is here!

Learn on Demand Systems prides itself on providing world- class, 24/7 customer support. We’ve extended that commitment with a direct 1-to-1 live chat with our Support team.

You are now able to immediately engage with our Support team on any page within Lab on Demand and Training Management System (TMS) as well as within lab instances.

This new chat feature, developed during a recent Hackathon, provides our customers the option to receive immediate assistance on any questions or technical needs while working within the platform. To start a chat with Learn on Demand Systems staff, simply click on “Live Chat” located on the right-hand side of most admin site pages.


Figure 1: Chat location in Lab on Demand, TMS and within lab instances

The chat client will automatically obtain relevant information (your name, page you are currently on, etc.) for our Support Team to help assist your inquiry in a timely manner. You can also search our Help Center within the chat window to easily find existing documentation.

Figure 2: Chat pop up as available in Lab on Demand, TMS and within lab instances

“The Support team at Learn on Demand Systems views the relationship with our customer administrators, lab builders, instructors and their end-users as a partnership. They rely on our team to help quickly and accurately identify and resolve any issues that might arise,” said Ben Matison, Customer Success Manager, Technical Services at Learn on Demand Systems. “We need the right tools in place to make the process as efficient as possible for our users who do not always have the ability to pause, make a phone call or submit a ticket. This chat program is a great way to have a seamless and pain-free avenue to interact with our team.”

If you’re interested in learning more about these new features, reach out and chat with us today!