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TMS Updates and Fixes

  • You can now include your External Ids in the Class Import template.
  • The GetClass and the SearchClasses API methods now return:
    • InstructorId
    • InstructorFirstName
    • InstructorLastName
  • The HTML Description field on the Course Profile page is now an accordion section below Activities.
  • All major theme contact pages were updated to the current content.
  • We now properly filter and show output options for enrollments when the payment type is class enrollment training key. Enrollment History is updated when a class enrollment was created using an event training key.
  • On Find Notification Plans, the Received By filter now contains all possible recipient types, […]
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Personalized Notifications

You can now personalize notifications to recipients by including the new replacement text fields in the body of the notification:

  • RecipientFirstName
  • RecipientLastName
  • RecipientFullName
  • RecipientSiteUrl

When these are used, the email notification will pull the recipient’s information and include it in-place of the fields. For instance, if Amelia Johnston, an instructor, is receiving a notification that a student has cancelled, the notification could be addressed Dear [RecipientFirstName] [RecipientLastName]. The email that Amelia would receive would read Dear Amelia Johnston.

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Course Duplication

If you create courses, you can now duplicate an existing course without having to create a new one from scratch. With this you can easily create multiple courses for different customers or uses with slight differences in activities, availability, custom fields, etc.

To duplicate a Course:

  1. On the Course profile page, click Edit.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save As. You will be prompted to enter the name for the new course.
  3. Click Save. The newly created Course will automatically open in Edit mode to make revisions.
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External Badges

Operations managers, we have begun to put in place externally supported badges that your users will soon be able to earn through their training activities in the TMS. This will give your users an additional sense of accomplishment, and they will be able to share that accomplishment with others outside the TMS.

The final pieces for this new feature will be coming soon: the ability to call out to the Badge Provider when a badge is earned and have them send the badge to the student. Permissions to view badging will be put in place when the rest of the functionality […]

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