Learn on Demand Systems Works with Tableau and AWS to Run Record Concurrent Live Labs at Conference

Learn on Demand Systems, the global leader in hands-on live learning environments, today announced a new event record of 6,692 concurrent users at Tableau Conference 2018. This is in addition to a daily global average of 1,726, bringing the total of managed lab sessions to over 8,418 concurrent users. The record-breaking event occurred during the conference’s hands-on training sessions, which were two hours long, classroom-style sessions led by expert Tableau trainers.

Learn on Demand Systems launches new Azure Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) labs + IT Pro Challenges bundles to support the recently released Azure exams & courses.

During Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced new role-based certifications and Azure training courses to the learning community.  The training courses have been released as individual one-day courses that allow a learning partner to customize a delivery if they so choose or have been made available as packaged sets. 

What’s New in the TMS | August 21, 2018

Browsing for available classes just got easier. Your students will now be able to view your organization’s classes using the new modern class browser page. In addition to the more modern look and feel, students will be able to filter by topics and dates. They will also be able to see if classes are open or closed to enrollments. To access the page, just click the “classes” link on the default navigation bar in the OneLearn Training Management System (TMS.)