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TMS Updates and Fixes

We have pushed the following items to TMS production:

  • As an administrator, you can now use the keyboard to navigate the Organization, Program, and Classroom filter dropdowns on search pages.
  • End users and administrators using Event Training Keys for class enrollment should be aware that the keys now expire. There are two options on the Create/Edit Class page when automatic enrollment using an event training key is set. The first one is the default and prevents the key from being redeemed when the class is over. The second allows the key to be used for as long as the labs […]

Achievements for Passing Exams and Learning Paths

Your students can now earn achievements when they pass an exam or complete a learning path! And if badges are attached to the achievements, they can share the externally hosted badge with others.

When you build these achievements, you can use simple JSON conditions or more complex JSON with multiple conditions. Here are examples of each:

  • Simple JSON condition for passing an exam lab with the ID of 12345: [{Subject:0,Count:1,Passed:true,LabProfileIds[12345]}]
  • Complex, multiple conditions for completing a learning path that is comprised of 2 courses with one lab each (IDs 11223 and 11223) and a course with an exam lab (ID 12345): […]

External Badges

Students can now share badges through an external badge provider for activities they completed through the TMS. This gives your users an additional sense of accomplishment, and they can share this accomplishment with others outside of the TMS through social media.

This new feature has the following components:

  1. Badge Provider – a repository to distribute Badges. This is a third-party vendor that will issue the badge to the user.
  2. Badge – the token given by a Badge Provider to a student to share based on the achievement earned.
  3. Achievement – the criteria needed to earn the badge. An achievement is […]