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Manual Issuance of Badges

You and your instructors can now manually issue certain badges from the class roster, with the proper supplemental roles. This provides you the flexibility of determining if the badge requirements have been met by a user through the class and possibly other ways not monitored by the TMS. For instance, if the badge is not tied to an achievement for the class, but you feel the class’ content meets the badge’s requirements, you could manually issue it. Badges must be marked to enable manual issuance to be available for this. Help articles for administrators and instructors will be coming soon.

More Accessibility Improvements

In our continuing effort to improve accessibility for all our students and meet MAS standards, we have made the following improvements:

  1. When a sight-impaired user encounters errors in saving changes to their profile,
    1. The focus will now automatically return to the first error field.
    2. The color contrast of the error messages has been enhanced.
  2. When using keyboard navigation,
    1. The user will now see an outline on the Save button when it has focus.
    2. The user will now be able to navigate the User menu with the arrow keys. Some screen reader programs may interfere with this capability.
  3. For Screen reader […]

New Badge Output Option and Filters on Find Achievements

Operations managers, you now have an easy way to view which badges are attached to which achievements and to filter for achievements with a certain badge attached. We have added the Badge output option to the Find Achievements page. This column will display the name of the badge attached to the achievement. The name is a link to the badge profile. If no badge is attached to the achievement, the column will be empty for that achievement.

You can also filter the results for those achievements that have a certain badge attached using one of two filters. The Badge Name […]

TMS Improvements and Fixes

We have made the following improvements to our TMS:

  1. For our users who use screen readers, we changed the Edit User’s Basic Information tab for improved accessibility. The page no longer contains a table around the fields. This change was to meet MAS standards and reduce confusion by screen readers.
  2.  For managers, we have removed the Manager/Supervisor tab and the Fax field from the Contact tab on the Organization Profile. This streamlines the profile by removing items that are not used.

API Created Classes Use Organization Setting for Event Training Key

If you use the TMS API to create classes, these classes will now default to allow automatic enrollment using event training key if  your organization is set to allow automatic enrollment using event training key by default in new classes.

You can now pull this information for a class through the API, as well, using the GetClass API call response. The response will include the following properties:

  • EnableClassTrainingKey – True/False
  • ClassTrainingKey – the key

Publishing Group Improvements

For those of you who manage your organization’s publishing group, you can now save time by adding courses directly to the publishing group itself, rather than going to each course to add the publishing group to it. All restrictions and warnings are still in effect. In addition, for anyone who can view the publishing group’s profile page, the courses in it are now listed at the bottom of the page. This saves you time searching courses by a publishing group. The Help articles have been updated to reflect these changes. See the How do I add a course to […]

Accessibility Improvements

In our continuing efforts to improve our accessibility, we have made the following improvements:

  • Users with screen readers will now hear
    • The page title announced as a Heading 1 on the Simple Course Assignment page and in the Redeem Training Key dialog.
    • The Training Key announced as required on the Redeem Training Key dialog.
    • The TMS Logo announced as “Link, Learn on Demand TMS”.
  • The language has also been set to English on pages for screen readers.
  • Users who use keyboard controls will be able to cleanly tab through the Current Training page due to removing tabindex values greater than […]

TMS Improvements and Fixes

We have made the following improvements to our TMS:

  • On the Find Organizations search page, you can turn on an output option to see whether an organization has achievements enabled. You can also use the Enable Achievements filter to quickly narrow your results on this page.
  • Operations Managers and Course Creators can now turn on the Expected Duration output option in the Choose Lab dialog when creating a course to help them control the duration of the course. The can also see this output option on the Find Lab Instances page.
  • We have changed several defaults for new organizations and […]

TMS Improvements and Fixes

We have pushed the following items to TMS production:

  • On the Organization Profile page, there is now a Manage Class Vouchers link in the quick access bar for all organizations for those with the proper permissions to manage vouchers for their organizations.
  • The Lab Profile page in the TMS now includes both the Expected and Maximum Durations set in LOD for the lab.
  • On the Activities tab of the Course Profile, the URL field for activities now has an unlimited character length.
  • On the Find Training Key Pools search page, the Expiration filter now returns accurate results.