Class Schedulers and Operations Managers will be prevented from creating classes after a course’s auto-archive date. This is being enforced to support course life cycle planning, allowing course managers to retire courses and labs without conflicting with organizations’ scheduling and students’ lab access.

When scheduling a class directly in the TMS or through the API, if an auto-archive date is set and any class sessions fall after that date, then the class will not be created. The class import tool checks against the class start date during the upload and will not create classes that start after the auto-archive date. Classes scheduled directly in the TMS or through the API will prevent saving and show an error message, “The course associated with this class is being retired on [Date]. Content will no longer be maintained as of this date. Session dates cannot be scheduled beyond this date. Please consider changing to a newer version of the course; you must change the course or choose different date(s) to save this class.”

Super users can still create classes after the archive date.