For a class that was scheduled prior to setting the associated course’s auto-archive date, Class Schedulers and Operations Managers may edit the class, but will be prevented from saving it if a class session is more than 60 days after the course’s auto-archive date. We want to honor our customers’ training schedules and give you sufficient time to plan and prepare for a change of course content, while still supporting course life cycle planning allowing course managers to retire courses and labs without conflicting with organizations’ scheduling and students’ lab access.

Updating classes past the archive date through the API will fail and classes edited in the TMS will not be saved. Both will show this error message, “The course associated with this class is scheduled to be archived on [Date]. When editing an existing class, its sessions must fall within 60 days or less after the course auto-archive date. Please consider changing to a newer version of the course; you must change the course or choose different date(s) to save this class.”

Super users can still edit classes scheduled after the archive date.