Class schedulers will receive a warning message when they save a class using a course scheduled to be retired. We would like to increase awareness of pending archive dates since labs will not be maintained once the course is retired and after a certain point the labs will become unavailable, which may affect your students’ post class lab access experience.

If the auto-archive date is set up and any class session is scheduled to take place on or within 30 days before the auto-archive date, the following warning displays when the class is saved, “This course is being retired on [auto-archive date and time displayed]. Content will no longer be maintained as of this date. Please consider a newer version.” After clicking OK the class is saved.

The warning displays when creating, editing or cloning a class within 30 days before the auto-archive date on the course. Please note the following variances if you are using any of these features:

• Class Import tool: If you are using the class import tool, the warning shows if the start date on a class is within 30 days before the auto-archive date on the course. The import only looks at the start date in the CSV file, it does not calculate dates based on sessions you are scheduling to show a warning.
• API: No warning will appear for classes created or edited through the API.
• Class voucher: Warnings or restrictions on scheduling do not apply to classes scheduled using vouchers since they are paid for in advance of redeeming them.

As a reminder, once a course is archived, the course can no longer be used to create a class or set up self-paced training, however, the labs and course activities still work for students in existing training.