Learn on Demand Systems, a global leader in providing hands-on learning environments, today announced the release of AWS Cloud Slice.

Available immediately, AWS Cloud Slice enables dynamically provisioned, pre-configured cloud subscriptions using the Amazon Web Services platform. With AWS Cloud Slice, a company that is building learning environments using AWS can carve out a small slice of the cloud capacity and serve it to the user in a tightly controlled, highly secure way. The user only receives access to the AWS platform as defined and configured by the company in a scalable and repeatable process.

Designed to be used for hands-on practice, these “sliced” subscriptions allow for fast, automated setup and login, a dramatically reduced cost per student, and a far more productive experience. For example, automatically configured user names and passwords simplify the log-in process, enabling users to quickly jump in and start practicing. When a user’s access has expired, the environment is automatically torn down and removed, ensuring no lingering or ongoing AWS usage charges.

“Our goal is to help companies easily build and deliver hands-on learning experiences on any platform,” said Corey Hynes, Learn on Demand Systems CEO. “With the addition of AWS as a delivery platform, we can now offer our customers the unprecedented choice of four major virtualization platforms and the two largest native cloud platforms, all seamlessly integrated into one simple, unified, managed learning environment.”

Learn on Demand Systems customers have begun using AWS Cloud Slice to create learning environments for instructor-led classes, self-paced courses, large-scale events and conferences, as well as guided software demonstrations.

Experience a free full-length demonstration lab using AWS Cloud Slice here.

Learn on Demand Systems is a Standard Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN).

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Learn on Demand Systems also offers Microsoft Azure Cloud Slice.