Display your Challenge Labs Badges

You’ve earned it. Now get the recognition you deserve.

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges are online representations of your achievements.  Challenge Labs digital badges provide increased value by enabling interested parties to view and learn more about the credentials with a single-click. When someone clicks your digital badge, an overview page is presented on Credly’s Acclaim platform and it will look like this:

One Click Verification

Each Challenge Labs badge image contains personalized metadata which tie the badge to your personal certification achievement hosted on Credly’s Acclaim platform.

Sharing Your Badge

Your Challenge Labs badge can be used to highlight your achievements across multiple media and all major social networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Sharing your Challenge Labs badge is a great way to develop your professional brand and let everyone know that you’ve completed a hands-on lab learning experience in your technical area. You can begin sharing from Credly’s Acclaim platform once your badge is accepted and your account is created.

How It Works
  1. You will receive an email notifying you to claim your badge at our partner Acclaim’s website.
  2. Click the link in that email.
  3. Create an account on the Acclaim site.
  4. Claim your badge.
  5. Start sharing.

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