Two new functionalities have been added to Events:

1) Sorting tags alphabetically, automatically, or manually.

2) Setting Achievements to prompt for participation.

Sort Tags on Events

There is a Sort Tags Alphabetically setting on the Basic Information tab of Event Profiles. This is checked by default.

To sort tags manually:

1. Uncheck this setting and click Save.

2. On the Event Details page in the Tags section, click the Up and Down arrows next to a tag to move it in relation to the other tags in the Tag Group.

Set Achievements to Prompt User for Participation

Event users now have an Achievement icon next to their name automatically if the event included the Achievement functionality. They can click it to opt out of earning event achievement. You can also prompt your users when they log into your event page to either Opt-In or Opt-Out of earning event achievements. To do this, on the Achievements tab of the Create/Edit Event page, ensure Enable Achievements is checked and check Prompt For Participation.