Teaching Students How to Use the Cloud

At Learn on Demand Systems, we have been hard at work on bringing the next evolution in hands-on learning to the training industry, and we are happy to announce the availability of our Cloud Slice Preview in our OneLearn Lab on Demand platform. This feature allows you to create labs that teach students how to create, manage, and remove resources while working with a subscription in a cloud platform.

A Cloud Slice is a dynamically provisioned, load-balanced cloud subscription that may contain pre-configured cloud resources (resource groups, storage accounts, networks, websites, etc.). Students can work with existing cloud resources that you have set up for them in their Cloud Slice subscription and/or create resources in the Cloud Slice subscription as part of the lab. The Cloud Slice subscription and all resources it contains are only available as long as the lab is running. This ensures that once a student is finished with the lab, you will not incur additional cloud platform charges from resources that they were using.

Before you get started with Cloud Slice support, you need at least one subscription on a supported cloud platform. In this release, Cloud Slice lets you create labs that provision dynamic subscriptions and resources on Microsoft Azure. Support for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are coming in the future. If you don’t have your own Microsoft Azure subscription that you want to use, we can create a managed Microsoft Azure subscription for you.

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