Trainers Talking Tech on Tuesday

by Brian Bork

Hello all!

One of the best things about working for Learn on Demand Systems (LODS) and being a Trainer is that I get to try to help people understand technologies. Occasionally – ok, more than occasionally – even Trainers need help with the technologies that they are training. Another one of the great things about LODS is that they sponsor a bi-weekly podcast that I co-host called “Trainers Talking Tech on Tuesdays”.  A major focus of that podcast, besides picking on my co-host Kyle and our guests, is presenting various pieces of technology that help trainers, old and new, work on a day-to-day basis. I am happy to report that those two highpoints of my job have just resulted in something awesome! Trainers Talking Tech on Tuesdays proudly present a Train the Trainer for Microsoft’s Official Curriculum course 20347 – Enabling and Managing Office 365. So, to recap: TTTT – TTT 20347. That’s a lot of “T”s.

One thing that I am well aware of as a Platform Evangelist for Lab on Demand is that Trainers often get into a “groove” of teaching things the same way all of the time. However, with some courses, especially the Office 365 courses and Azure courses (and a few others), you simply can’t find a groove. Things change too fast. Kyle and I thought, “What can we do to help trainers find some grooves?” Ultimately, we also contacted our sound engineer and sometimes co-host James Finley, an MCT who often teaches 20347, and put together a basic outline of best practices for teaching this often-troublesome course.

Our intent here is not to cover every chapter and every nook and cranny of 20347, but rather, in typical TTTT style, present the general best practices for preparing for, and teaching 20347.

Some of the topics covered include:

– General advice for prepping to deliver
– Areas of special concentration for “the Cloud”
– The only thing that you can be sure of is that you can’t be sure of anything… Always check!
– Areas of special concentration for Office 365 in particular
– Be aware of tool changes, script changes and preparing for your demonstrations
– Staying ahead of the pack in both knowledge and experience

We are very proud of this new release for the TTTT Video-Podcast: “Best Practices for Teaching Microsoft 20347”. LODS is happy to provide this video for all trainers who use LODS products to prepare for and deliver their 20347 classes.

Look for this vidcast to be included in the course materials available to MCTs through the use of the OneLearn Training Management System. Please note that this video will only appear in the course for the Instructors of this course, not the students. That link, inside of the course, is coming soon!

We hope that this will be a good start to a string of TTTT-TTT sessions for all the more challenging titles in the LODS catalog.