Manage training and education programs, instructors, classrooms, schedules, metrics, and more. Create educational experiences that can be consumed on-demand, in subscriptions, or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Automate the delivery of hands-on labs, product demonstrations, and more. Instantly scale to hundreds or thousands of users for large events, deliver to students in classrooms or at home worldwide, or publish for truly on-demand access. Available in your cloud, in our cloud, and on public cloud.

Enhance your EMR training by using your custom instance of EMR software to train your clinicians, the combination of Interactive Digital Lab, with performance based testing (PBT) – enables each department to evaluate if they are ready for go-live or upgrade.


Streamline delivery of Microsoft Official Curriculum titles while remaining in compliance with your CPLS agreement. Instantly access labs from over 400 MOC titles. New titles added weekly. Custom titles available upon request. Many labs use IDL technologies to provide an unparalleled learner experience.

Integrate rich video, images, automation, instructions, screen captures, and more to create immersive hands-on learning experiences within our IDL Studio authoring suite. Integrate resources such as virtual machines, cloud subscriptions, credential pools and more to create a seamless, instant learning environment.

Let our team of technical experts and instructional designers work with you to design and build an innovative and effective hands-on experience. Train customers and partners on your product, or empower your sales force with compelling live demos. We will work with you to scope and build an environment that leverages the full technical breadth of the OneLearn platform.

Cloud Slice allows you to create labs that teach students how to create, manage, and remove resources while working with a subscription in a cloud platform.

Enhance Cyber-Security training by deploying on-demand ranges of any size, in minutes. Ranges include modular attack and defend scenarios, monitoring, automation, and role based access.

Assess skills using live software. Our Performance Based Testing platform enables you to create multiple types of assessments including automated VM Scoring of Windows and Linux, scoring of Azure subscription configuration, multiple choice exploration assessments, and even exam sessions which include screenshots of user work. Deliver exams as a standalone offering or integrated as part of a lab or larger exam delivery engine.

Leverage our cloud automation to automatically build and populate Windows Azure and Office 365 subscriptions with complex training and demonstration scenarios. Provision and manage resources, VMs, and subscriptions.  OneLearn is the leading public cloud automation platform for education and training.

Deploy hundreds or thousands of instructor-led or self-paced hands-on lab experiences at your next technical conference. Our team can manage all facets of your deployment, from planning and logistics, to onsite setup and support.

Want to use an EdX implementation but don’t want the hassle of deployment, administration, and management. Our team can help you design your implementation, or deploy a managed instance for you. We can create your on-demand MOOC training environments with lab integration through our OneLearn LTI interface.

Are you struggling with finding new and innovative ways to deliver software training or product demos on-demand. Specifically focused on the most challenging and innovative scenarios, our unique team of mad scientists are always finding new and interesting ways to use the technology of today, to deliver the solutions for tomorrow.