Connection Assessment Test

This page allows you to run a connection assessment test. A connection assessment test is a very deep and thorough test that measures throughput speed, capacity and packet quality in order to assess the user experience of a connection to their respective datacenter. This includes efficiency, data loss, recovery, duplication of data, retransmissions and even corruption.

If this is your first time running the Connection Assessment Test, please download Visualware BCS in the link below, in the Instructions field. BCS is an external application on which the HTML5 version of the Connection Assessment Test runs. After installing BCS for the first time, you may have to refresh this window for the applet to load properly.

Once you have installed and configured BCS, please select the datacenter location that you are testing your connection to.


Download Visualware BCS. Visualware BCS is required to run the HTML5 version of the Connection Assessment Test.

Select the target datacenter you want to use for the assessment, and click on "Start Test".


For assistance in analyzing your results, open the ‘Interpreting Your Connection Assessment Results’.