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Codify uses IT Pro Challenges to accelerate its recruitment process

Codify’s mission is to help organizations move to cloud-based solutions, while arming those organizations with the understanding of their unique business drivers.

That means having the right people on Codify’s team is crucial to its success.

In the past, finding job candidates was a grueling process. It typically involved starting with about 30 people who had been screened for a culture fit by a recruiter, narrowing those down to three to five people, and then finally selecting someone to join the team. The process was time-intensive, taking about three weeks and 120 hours.

With Codify growing at a rapid pace, director Ben Parker […]

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Wadeware uses cloud-hosted lab platform to create unique and engaging learning experiences for Microsoft

When you’re developing learning experiences for one of the world’s leading technology companies, you need the best platform available.

For more than 10 years, IT consulting and content development provider Wadeware has been working with Learn on Demand Systems’ cloud-hosted platform to create a wide range of learning labs for Microsoft. “A lot of different groups in Microsoft use Learn on Demand Systems as their preferred platform,” says Bill Wade, owner of Wadeware.

Wadeware uses the platform to develop labs for Microsoft’s public, internal and partner training, and it’s crucial that as well as engaging learners, they set them up to succeed.

“Learn […]

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Raven360 and Learn on Demand Systems Partner to Create Seamless, Efficient Training Experience


One of the biggest barriers to technology adoption is lack of training. Many technology companies sell sophisticated and advanced systems that require dedicated, trained, or certified users and administrators at the customer. Without sufficiently training and empowering these users, technology products can fail. With a well-trained, educated user base, technology companies grow customer loyalty and revenue. But training is expensive, and vendors that rely primarily on in-person, instructor led training experience high costs and logistical delays to technology adoption. According to Raven360 CEO Joe Moriarty, “The high tech learning industry is consistently moving to on-demand, subscription, and pure digital learning […]

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QA uses Learn on Demand Systems platform to solve security scare for one of the world’s largest financial institutions

One of QA’s main goals is to be the United Kingdom’s most trusted training provider. So, when one of the world’s largest financial institutions reached out to the QA team for help, they were all ears.

An audit by the financial institution’s Geographic Information System (GIS) team had revealed a potential avenue for data theft on the institution’s training delivery platform. The platform was immediately globally blacklisted. But that didn’t stop the institution’s need for a way to deliver training to its employees worldwide. In fact, classes were scheduled and coming up soon. 

QA embarked on a search for a new, […]

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Microsoft Canada uses innovative Cloud Slice

Microsoft Canada uses innovative Cloud Slice technology to reduce hands-on lab costs by 93%

Part of Microsoft’s culture is the belief that everyone can learn, grow and develop and that potential is nurtured, not predetermined. To support that culture and enable the IT professionals they support with their solutions to stay ahead of the technology curve, Microsoft Canada’s Cloud Infrastructure group held learning camps. Typically, that meant gathering between 15 and 25 IT professionals for day-long intensive learning and then spending half an hour or more simply setting up the students to create accounts and get into Azure, […]

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