A Case for Challenge-centric Learning: “What did I just do. Why did I do it?”

Since the 1980s, much research has been done to find better methods of teaching adults how to use software-based technology. From the beginning, simply placing learners into the correct environment has been a primary struggle. How do we get the right versions of the right operating system and applications, supported by sufficient processor power, RAM and bandwidth to all the people who need to learn this tech – and make sure it works? Over the years, technological innovations such as imaging software, virtual machines and the work done by lab hosting providers like Learn on Demand Systems have improved the […]


Building Code Labs

Scenarios for labs with a topic area of Coding/Software Development (often abbreviated to “code labs”) are at a high level, very simple: They are lab scenarios in which users implement a programming language to achieve a specified result.

Some of the conversations about code labs, on the other hand, are not simple. On Lab on Demand, our lab development platform, scenarios within this topic area typically rely on one of three platform capabilities, one of which is the code lab fabric. This is often abbreviated, in conversations, to code labs. You can probably see where this is headed. It causes unnecessary […]


Customize your Labs to Desired Outcomes with our Topic-focused Templates

Learn on Demand Systems provides lab templates that are categorized, labeled and tagged by topic area in a gallery format. A topic area, refreshingly, is exactly what it says it is—the topic area your lab is going to cover, address or focus on. A topic area defines the types of technical scenarios for which a lab template is best suited. Examples of topic areas include cybersecurity, coding/software development and system administration. All lab templates in our template gallery are categorized into at least one topic area and labelled accordingly. Some are tagged for more than one topic area.

Here’s the good […]


Tech Data’s Academy Enlists Challenge Labs to Bolster Microsoft Training and Build Customer Relationships

With a focus on deep technical training, Tech Data’s Academy team offers courses that prepare participants to gain or renew certifications in some of Microsoft’s best-known and in-demand technologies, including Azure, Dynamics, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, SQL Server and Windows. Tech Data’s Academy, the learning arm of Tech Data, serves end users who manage IT environments for their employers as well as resellers who either resell the solution or are contracted to provide skilled IT management services to smaller end users that do not employ in-house IT teams.

To bolster its courses, Tech Data’s Academy uses Challenge Labs, offered by Learn […]

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CAPSLOCK Leverages Challenge Labs to Reskill Adult Learners into Cybersecurity Careers

In the UK alone, cybercrime costs the economy £27bn per year. Driven in part by the staggering shortage of IT professionals trained to combat cybercrime and by a mission of helping people change their career and become cybersecurity professionals, UK-based CAPSLOCK launched in 2020. The founding team of six – comprised of world-class educators, cybersecurity professionals and business gurus – set out to rethink education.

Today, CAPSLOCK is preparing more than 80 learners to enter the ever-evolving cybersecurity field, delivering an intensive boot camp experience that’s entirely online, from admissions and enrollment to the courses. To augment what’s taught, CAPSLOCK uses […]

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Learn on Demand Systems Named to Top 20 List for Online Learning Library

Learn on Demand Systems has been named to Training Industry’s 2021 Top 20 Online Learning Library list. This is the company’s first Top 20 list recognition, following previous 2021 Watch List recognition for Experiential Learning Technologies and 2020 Watch List recognition for IT Training, Online Learning Library and Training Outsourcing.

The Online Learning Library category recognizes providers for their capabilities, experience and expertise. In addition to Authorized Lab Hoster status for hundreds of courses and technologies, Learn on Demand Systems offers proprietary content […]


Get the Hands-on Exam Preparation you Need for AWS Exams

With more than 50 AWS Challenge Labs available now and hundreds more coming, our Challenge Labs focus on the hands-on skills development and validation you need to achieve your AWS certification.

As an extra bonus, the new scored labs portion of the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate exam launches on July 27, and our AWS Challenges mirror the exam lab environment. (On that topic: This AWS blog shares tips for taking an AWS Certification exam with exam labs.)

Learn on Demand Systems also has Challenge Labs that provide hands-on experience for the […]


Challenge Labs Available Now to Accelerate VMware Exam Preparation

Our hands-on scored VMware Challenge Labs library are built on the latest version vSphere 7.x to assist you in preparing for VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2021 (VCP-DCV 2021) and VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Virtualization Deploy 2021 (VCAP-DCV Deploy) certifications.

The vSphere 6.7 exam retires June 30, 2021! These Challenge Labs focus on vSphere 7.0, enabling extended practice on this new version in advance of the new exam.

In addition to the 35 existing VMware Challenge Labs there are dozens of NEW VMware Challenges coming in July to […]


Get Ready to Launch! Join us June 16-17

Get ready to Launch! Our FREE quarterly event is next week, June 16-17, and we’re focusing Challenge-centric Learning – both in theory and practice.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Our new Chief Product Officer, Frank Gartland, will present the Keynote, focusing on how Challenge-centric Learning can build confident and capable user communities
  • NEW! “Learn by doing” in our challenge-centric workshops! We’ve created four sessions where you’ll work as a team to solve scenarios in Lab on Demand and the TMS. Look for the sessions that start with “Challenge” to enroll in these unique, hands-on challenges.
  • NEW! Networking Groups […]

Introducing Hands-on Lab Architect Workshops

Training organizations recognize we’re amid a global skills shortage where inexperienced people are asked to deliver on advanced technology requirements. According to the MIT Technology Review, there are 3.5M cybersecurity jobs unfilled, and fewer than 25% of the candidates are even qualified.

What’s missing from most traditional training (and exams)?
Content developers often struggle to create hands-on labs that go beyond simple step-by-step instructions. Many labs can seem more like lessons on how to follow a recipe than practical training. Why?

Typical Lab Hosting Platforms are limited.
The ability to scale hands-on labs that enable people to “learn by doing” is difficult, but a […]