CBT Nuggets Celebrates One Million Lab Launches with Learn on Demand Systems

New Port Richey, Fla, July 29, 2020 – CBT Nuggets passed the one million lab launch count less than five years after their first lab launched with Learn on Demand Systems.

CBT Nuggets has specialized in delivering high-quality, video-based training since the 1990s, evolving their topic list from IT to project management and office productivity topics, and bringing the content online from a physical video to a streaming service. They added hands-on labs to their training menu on September 3, 2015, with two labs and a handful of students.

That virtual lab library has expanded to nearly 1,100 lab titles, including their […]

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Learn on Demand Systems Selected for Second Honor from Training Industry, Inc.

Today, Learn on Demand Systems announced it has been recognized as a 2020 Online Learning Library Watch List Company. Recognized companies are selected for growing their content offerings across a variety of in-demand subject areas.

Challenge Labs held a pivotal role in securing this recognition. These goal oriented, short-duration, scenario-based hands-on exercises are ideal for cloud technologies, as they provide skills development and assessments across multiple platforms and technologies.

Our first recognition from Training Industry, Inc. came in May 2020 when we were named a 2020 Training Outsourcing Watch List […]


Lab Latency and Performance Measurement

Editorial note: This article is a follow up to Corey Hynes’ blog on Optimizing Lab Performance and Analyzing Performance Data. We recommend reading the articles in that order to review factors that impact lab performance and how you can create labs that perform well on our platform, Lab on Demand. 

As discussed in our blog, Analyzing Performance Data, latency is one element of lab performance. Latency provides a real-time performance measure for virtual machine (VM)-based labs but can also provide historical data when evaluating the performance of past labs. […]


MeasureUp Now Offering Challenge Lab Subscriptions to Their Learners

Learn on Demand Systems is pleased to announce that MeasureUp, a world leader in practice tests and assessments for ICT sector certifications, now offers Challenge Labs subscriptions in the form of Virtual Labs to help prepare their learners for certification exams.

MeasureUp trains 400,000 IT professionals around the world every year in digital skills, and Challenge Labs are now part of the resource pack available to those professionals.

These Virtual Labs are now available on MeasureUp’s website. If you’d like to learn more about access to Challenge Labs, click “Contact Us” below. Contact Us […]


CompTIA is Collaborating with Learn on Demand Systems on Official CompTIA Courses

Learn on Demand Systems is collaborating with CompTIA to deliver official CompTIA content curriculum.

CompTIA is a global leader in training and certifications for technology professionals, issuing nearly 2.7 million certifications in 232 countries around the world.

Why this is a great thing your students

Students who take CompTIA labs are getting real, hands-on experience within live software applications hosted by Learn on Demand Systems, which CompTIA considers to be a critical element to their students’ learning experience. On top of that, students now have one year of access to the labs, increased from the standard six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic […]


Enhance Engagement with our New Instructor Monitoring Display

Efficient collaboration between instructors and learners is increasingly important as training shifts to a virtual environment.

With our monitoring capabilities, instructors can interact with their learners during lab activities to keep them on track for course completion.

Our instructor monitoring feature has been available for more than a decade, but we continue to add functionality to provide an enriching experience for instructors and students. Our newest enhancement enables the instructor to view students in a grid layout rather than a list view, offering three different thumbnail sizes: Small, medium and large.

Want to watch a demo instead? Here’s a 2-minute video:


Deploying the […]


Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Readiness Program


The Surface Hub is a unique collaborative device created by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Surface Family. Wall-mounted or roller-stand-mounted, the Surface Hub delivers several Microsoft services and technologies through a large monitor meant for conference rooms or meeting areas. It integrates enterprise services, such as Teams and Skype for Business, Whiteboard, and Office Products into a large platform that includes multiple microphones, cameras, and a touch screen.

For this new release of the product to be successful, Microsoft needed to create readiness content to address two different audiences: Microsoft technologists and audio-visual specialists. Each of these […]

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Learn on Demand Systems Selected as a 2020 Training Outsourcing Watch List Company

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. – May 28, 2020 – Learn on Demand Systems has been named a 2020 Training Outsourcing Watch List Company by Training Industry.

The 2020 Top Training Companies Watch List for the training outsourcing sector of the learning and development market is intended to help buyers of training services evaluate sales training providers, representing emerging or unique strengths and capabilities.

“It’s an honor to be named to Training Industry’s 2020 Training Outsourcing Watch List,” says Corey Hynes, CEO, Learn on Demand Systems. “We’ve grown our services team tremendously this year to keep up with the […]

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Analyzing Performance Data

Editorial note: This article is a follow up to Corey Hynes’ blog on Optimizing Lab Performance. We recommend reading that article first to review factors that impact lab performance and how you can create labs that perform well on our platform, Lab on Demand. 

Now that you have optimized your lab, you can start to analyze the recorded performance data over time. To effectively do this, you need to understand what you can analyze and how the data is captured.

Lab Start Times

The lab “start time” is defined as the time between the user […]