Roadmap – Recently Launched

TMS Improvements and Fixes

UpdateUserCustomFieldValue:  We have added a new API call for UpdateUserCustomFieldValue.  This updates the current value of a specific custom field for a user.
Class – Payment Section: The ‘Payment’ section on Create or Edit a class has been removed.
SearchClubMemberships & SearchSubscriptions:  We have fixed the API documentation for SearchClubMemvberships and SearchSubscriptions.  An extra ‘s’ in ‘Subscriptions’ is removed from the Example Usage URL for version 2.0.
User Profile – Change Password:  The ‘Change Password’ dialog box has been fixed so that when a user clicks on the ‘Show Characters’ checkbox it no longer applies encoding onto the password characters.

Script Execution Engine

Our next generation Script Execution Engine, SEE is now available to power ABA automated activities and scripted Life Cycle Actions. This new engine allows LOD to expand into new scripting languages and also makes it easy for lab developers to add custom modules from select repositories. Languages will be available via a drop-down menu when authoring activities. Legacy options will still be available to run existing scripts already in place. In addition to running on virtual machines and containers, the following language combinations are now available:

  • C# .NET 5
  • C# .NET 5 | Azure.Core 1.13.0
  • js 14 | AWS SDK […]

Disable Compatibility Mode

HyperV Virtual Machines now can have Compatibility Mode disabled from the Advanced tab of the Edit Virtual Machine Profile page. Disabling Compatibility mode passes the flag limitProcessorFeatures=false to the hypervisor on Virtual Machine creation, allowing advanced instruction sets to be utilized by the guest Virtual Machine. Lab Profiles containing Virtual Machines with Compatibility Mode disabled cannot be migrated between hosts, and cannot utilize Virtual Machine Start States.

Two permissions have been added to LOD to manage Compatibility Mode under Lab Development: Host Compatibility Edit Global and Host Compatibility Edit By Organization.

LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • HTML5 gateway updated to allow sound recording via Chrome and Edge browsers.
  • Cloud automated activities can now set the activity’s score by percentage.
  • Script Execution Engine no longer displays a cloud subscription chooser in Cloud Slice Subscription multi-subscription labs when a locally hosted virtual machine is selected as the script target.
  • The start state cache link will no longer be shown when the account viewing the lab profile page does not have the permissions necessary to modify the cached start state.
  • The LOD API service now returns ActivityGroupResults as part of the Lab Instance Details call.

Accessibility Items

In our continuing effort to improve accessibility for all our students and meet MAS standards on the Course Catalog page:

  • ‘BookMark’ control is accessible using the keyboard.
  • ‘Focus’ indicator is visible on the course tile while navigating using the ‘Tab / Shift’ tab keys.
  • Screen Reader now narrates the ‘Bookmark’ button click to bookmark a course.
  • Screen Reader now narrates the icon information within the tile.
  • The ‘Course’ tile border is now visible in High Contrast Black and White theme Mode.
  • The ‘Focus’ indicator (Dotted Lines) is now visible on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln image links while navigating using keyboard […]

Training Key Pools Availability

An Organization can now make a ‘Training Key Pool’ available to use across any child within the Parent Organization. On the Create Training Key Pool page, we have added a checkbox called ‘Make these keys available to everyone using’ [Site Name and URL]. Displaying the name of the site that the owning organization belongs to and displays the site URL. This option is enabled by default, but it will not be automatically enabled for existing training key pools.  With this enabled any organization within the Parent Organization that redeems the training key must be using the same site.

On the Find […]

Code Labs

  • JavaScript has been added as a Code Lab language.
  • Setting a language as default now correctly displays that language when starting a Code Lab.
  • When canceling a lab conversion to a code lab fabric, the code lab fabric checkbox is now unchecked.
  • Copying a Code Lab that contains activities generates new internal activity IDs.