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Enhanced Account Security for Learn on Demand Systems

Learn on Demand Systems is implementing enhanced account security for user accounts. You can learn more about these security measures here.

Starting 10:00pm ET on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, your users will be prompted to reset their password upon login.

This password reset will require email verification. Users that do not have a valid email address listed will not be able to reset their password.

Action required: Please work with your users to add a verified email address to their profiles by 10:00pm on Friday, March 19. Doing so will enable them to reset their password quickly and easily upon […]


Enhanced Account Security FAQ

Learn on Demand Systems implemented enhanced account security for user accounts through central authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C at 10:00pm ET on Saturday, February 13.

Posted below is a FAQ regarding this system update, please review in its entirety.

How will this mandatory password reset work?

This password reset is required for all accounts using an email address or username to login. Users logging in through Corporate Azure AD, Microsoft account or Google will not be prompted to reset their password. When the user logins to https://lms.learnondemand.net and/or https://labondemand.com, the user […]


Steve’s Top 5: Tips and Insights from a Mile-Maker

Steve Penn is a Lab Services Administrator (and mileage-maker extraordinaire) for Learn on Demand Systems.

We caught up with Steve after he ran away with an outstanding output in our second corporate challenge, Move-ember, to ask him five questions about his own fitness journey.

What’s your #1 tip for making time for activity?

Make it part of your daily routine/schedule. If you miss it, add lots of self-loathing (I kid). One idea is to run or walk with someone else that may need a little encouragement. I have a neighbor who is recovering from a heart condition. I pester him […]


Special Registration Offer

2020 has been a difficult year for many families across the world. We wanted to put smiles on the faces of as many children as possible this holiday season and made a donation to Toys for Tots for every registration and every LIVE attendee at this year’s event!

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Launch for Lab Developers

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Whether you’re a new or seasoned lab author, we have content tracks for you! New lab authors can start with the basics while more experienced developers will discover how to design advanced lab experiences. Regardless of your tenure, you’re sure to discover best practices to help in your lab development and production.

Our event content is aligned to tracks to help you know what you can expect from each session:

  • Get it? Got it? Good. – Assessing your learners
  • Make […]

Launch FAQ

Quick Links: Home | Registration (open soon!) | Launch Q2 Agenda | FAQ

Is there a cost to attend this event?

No! Launch is completely free of cost to you and your team! We want you to receive the most valuable possible when you work within our Lab on Demand and TMS platforms, and the opportunity to share best practices with you is our pleasure.

Who presents the sessions?

All session content is created and delivered by Learn on Demand Systems team members and special guest speakers. In addition to the main speaker, Learn on Demand Systems staff will be […]


Launch for Business Decision Makers

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Selecting and implementing a Training Management System is a time-intensive process. We’ve created a track that is perfect for Business Decision Makers who want an overview of our powerful platform or are just getting started with solution use.

These sessions are designed to help you discover the multiple benefits of working with Learn on Demand Systems for your training needs.

Our event content is aligned to tracks to help you know what you can expect from each session:

  • One Stop Shop – End-to-end use of […]