Roadmap Updates – Archived

Disk Inspection Permission Adjusted

The permissions required to inspect disks in Lab on Demand have been adjusted.

  • Inspection of a disk on a datacenter is now based on viewing rights on the datacenter.
  • Inspection of a disk on a file share is now based on viewing rights on the file share.
  • Inspection of a disk on a lab host is now based on viewing rights on the lab host.
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Learn on Demand Systems Support Chat

Learn on Demand Systems now has a support chat option for Lab on Demand Admin Site, the Lab Client and the TMS admin site. Users can initiate a chat session with our Support Team. This feature is enabled by default for all organizations, but it can be disabled if needed from the organization profile. Chat transcripts are stored in a support ticket, and a copy is emailed to the user. Click here to learn more!

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LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Mouse cursors in Hyper-V based labs will now dynamically change when resizing windows, while hovering over a text field, and selecting anchor points.
  • More flexible API configurations by allowing presets to be adjusted.
  • Virtual machines can now be renamed when saving a new lab profile from a running lab instance.
  • Improved Task Tracking behavior when using in conjunction with Includes.
  • Updated verification message when deleting cloud subscriptions pools.
  • Fixed a bug that improperly appended title information to container labs.
  • Fixed a bug preventing ABA scripts from appearing in lab profiles created from the template gallery.
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TMS Enhancements and Fixes

  • Notification plans with calendar invites: The following changes were made to notification plans.
    • Calendar invites are now only sent when a user has the status of Enrolled or Audit.
    • Cancellations are now sent when a user status is changed from Enrolled or Audit.
    • No calendar invite or cancellation is sent when a user is placed in a non-enrolled status.
  • Subscription Profile – Create multiple subscriptions: A Create Multiple Subscriptions link on the Subscription profile page has been added. This will allow an Operations Manager to assign multiple students to a subscription.
  • Find Enrollments/Find Course Assignments – Duration: Duration has been added as […]
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TMS – Instructors and Class Enrollments

When an Operations Manager assigns an instructor to a class, the instructor will be prohibited from enrolling or auditing the class.  The following message will appear when the instructors Enrollment Status is set to Enrolled or Audit when attempting to save.


When an instructor has an Enrollment Status of Enrolled or Audit and is then assigned to the class as an instructor, the following message will appear when attempting to save.


If the instructor is not assigned to the class but has an Enrollment Status of […]

TMS Platform – End Support of Adobe Flash

At the end of 2020, Adobe will permanently end the life of Flash. To prepare for this, the SCORM video upload and Adobe Connect integration have been updated to remove Flash from the platform. It should be noted that Internet Explorer only has legacy Adobe Connect available; once Flash is deprecated, students using Internet Explorer will have to download the Adobe Connect Client or switch to a different browser.

TMS Enhancements and Fixes

  • Find Users – Created By Filter Added. We have added Created By and Created By (Choose) as a filter on Find Users.
  • Custom Sites – Training Key Pool. Users can now redeem keys against a central (parent) site and still be placed correctly into the appropriate child org. This removes corner cases where students could register on a parent organization site that uses an older custom login page file that bypasses the normal org id check process, leaving the user registered incorrectly.
  • Class – Lab Activities. Resolved an issue that allowed non-basic users to launch otherwise disabled class activities.

Multiple API Keys for API Consumers

  • API consumers now support creating, disabling, expiring, and revoking API keys.
  • Manual key rotation available, add a new key and mark the old one to expire after a set period of time.
  • Keys can be named to describe intended purpose.
  • Keys can be copied to clipboard with the click of a button without exposing the key.
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Cloud Watchdog

The Cloud Health Monitor Service has been improved and given a new name. The service is now called Cloud Watchdog. It now performs better and more efficiently than the Cloud Health Monitor Service.

The service works in multiple stages:

  • Stage 1 – Find service: Finds issues and logs them.
  • Stage 2 – Remediation: Resolve issues found in stage 1, delete resources that failed to tear down if needed.
  • Stage 3 – Report: Report issues in Health Check emails if necessary, and update cloud subscription pool Health Check U
    • Features include:
      • Health Checks now apply to CSS labs, the same way they applied to CSR.
      • Health Checks […]
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