Roadmap Updates – Archived

Organization Profile Fields Moved to Different Tabs

To make the Organization Profile more efficient and easier for you as Operations Managers to use, we have modified the Basic Information and Preferences Tabs. The Basic Information tab is now available to you, but the Name field is view-only. The Preferences tab has had all the fields you need for your organization moved here. These fields have been organized into the following sections for ease: Business Settings, User Settings, Class Settings (which has subsections), Course Settings, Default Surveys for new Courses and Classes and Miscellaneous Settings. Several fields have been renamed for clarity.

Basic Information tab:

Basic Anonymous User Registration Form

For quicker user registration, the Basic Anonymous User Registration form has been updated. The user can now select their time zone from a dropdown. If your organization does not participate in achievements, the Participate in Achievements field will now be unchecked and greyed out. Otherwise it will be checked by default. The Enable Notifications checkbox will now default to your organization’s setting. Finally, we have removed the LinkedIn and Twitter fields.

EULAS on Publishing Groups

As an Operations Manager, you can now add End User License Agreements (EULAs) to your publishing groups. Any student who takes a class or course assignment based on any course in the publishing group will have to agree to the EULA before they can launch the activities in the course. This new functionality facilitates our transition to Publishing Groups in place of Content Providers.

TMS Improvements and Fixes

We have made the following enhancements to our TMS:

  • Announcements are no longer be marked as Expired before their set expiration date.
  • Course custom fields are no longer bulleted.
  • The Missing Information flags in the User Profile fields are now positioned on the right-hand side of the fields.

Alphabetical Output Options

A sort button has been added to sort output options alphabetically. Clicking the sort button changes to alphabetical, and clicking again changes it back to the by relevance sort order. This does not change the sequence that the fields are display in search results. This only makes it easier to find options when enabling or disabling output options.

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Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented PowerShell from being available for ABA scripts in cloud/container hybrid labs.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a user profile image from displaying on the My Labs page.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the cloud subscription pool name from displaying when launching a lab using the Launch on Subscription button.
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Publishing Groups and Course Availability

Soon courses will only be available to be used in classes and course assignments if they are part of a publishing group. Therefore, to assist LODS staff and Operations Managers in identifying courses that don’t belong to a publishing group, these courses now have a message at the top of the profile that states This course must be added to a Publishing Group to be available to use. In addition, we have added a Has Publishing Group filter and output option to Find Courses.

Global Achievements

With the proper permissions, achievements can now be made globally available. Your organization has the ability to opt in or out of global achievements when it has achievements enabled. Opting in allows your students to earn these achievements. This eliminates the need to mark “Enable achievements for outside organizations” on courses.