Roadmap Updates – Archived

Code Labs

  • Swift has been added as a supported code language.
  • Ruby has been added as a supported code language.
  • Code Labs now support scoring via API. For more information about scoring labs via API, click here.
  • Code Labs lab instance details can now be returned via API. For more information about returning lab details via API, click here.
  • Code Labs tests activity results are now displayed on the lab details page. The details contain the console output, as well as metadata such as […]

TMS Improvements and Fixes

Course Details – Activities Count: A summary count for the number of activities will display next to the ‘Activities’ header.
Find Training Key Pools – Expires Default Filter: We have added ‘Expires In the Future’ as a default filter. This will automatically filter out any training key pools that have expired.
Zoom – Recordings: Users no longer had access to class recordings after 30 days.  We have fixed the issue and post-class recording access is available for 180 days.
Course Certificate Date Format:  We have changed the date format of ‘dd MMM yyy’ to
‘dd MMM yyyy’.
Instructor Calendar – Calendar Color Olive: We have […]

LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Cloud Slice Subscription labs are now returned as results when searching by Access Control Policy.
  • Fixed a dependency issue that would prevent the removal of CloudFormation stacks dependent on a missing role.
  • Fixed a bug preventing AWS Fabric labs from launching after they are created via Save-As.
  • The support chat link appearing in the lab client will now be determined by the organization the lab user is a member of, rather than the source organization for the lab.
  • AWS Fabric labs with shared subscriptions […]

TMS Improvements and Fixes

Training Key – Character Update: We have increased the Training Key default from 8 to 16 characters.
PercentComplete Column – Class Roster:  We have fixed the ‘PercentComplete’ on the class rosters showing 0% despite students completing their activities.
API Documentation – SearchCourseAssignments:  We have included Training Key and Subscription as a ‘PaymentType’ to the ‘CourseAssignmentSearchResult’.
Translation – File Update:   We have updated the language files in TMS for the following supported languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


Subscription Training Key

We now allow a single Subscription Training Key to be used by multiple users that will align with a subscription. On Create/Edit Subscription Keys, we have added an ‘Expires’ and ‘Max number of uses per key’ field.  This will allow a user with the appropriate permission to set an expiration date and number of uses a subscription training key can be used.  If no expiration is set, the training key never expires.  If no value is set on ‘Max number of uses per key’, it will default to a single use.

On the Find Subscription Keys page, we removed the Redeemed […]

Accessibility Items

In our continuing effort to improve accessibility for all our students and meet MAS standards, we have made the following changes:

  • Focus indicator (Dotted Lines) are visible on My Training, My Transcript, Roadmap, Contact and Help links while navigating using the Tab key on the keyboard.
  • The ‘Please Make A Selection’ window text on the ‘End Lab’ dialog meets the minimum luminosity ratio of 4.5:1.
  • The Screen Reader now narrates Role and State for tab controls Instructions, Resources, and Help within a lab.
  • Keyboard focus is restored back on the ‘More’ options menu after invoking the ‘Cancel’ button in the […]

Code Labs

  • Expanded the size of the input fields for creating custom test variables to better accommodate testing against strings.
  • The enabled icon now accurately shows the status of the selected language without having to exit or refresh the Code Lab editor.
  • Improved handling of the default language selection:
    • When no default language is selected, the Code Lab will display the first enabled language.
    • Disabling a language that has been selected as default will remove the selection.