Roadmap Updates – Archived

LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated VM OS identifier list to include Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (64 bit) and Windows Server 2016 or later (64 bit).
  • Updated translation when using German in the lab-client.
  • When searching Lab Series Assignment, more refined Max RAM and Total Ram output options based on lab completion status are displayed. Only labs marked Complete will impact these values.
  • When saving a lab profile that previously required a security review, but no longer needs one, we will no longer leave a security review invalidation note on the lab.
  • The VM import options will no longer appear on the Lab […]
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Activity Based Assessments(ABA) Activity Groups

ABA Activity Groups allow question and automated activities to be grouped together so that they may be managed as one unit. Some of the benefits of this approach include:

  • Activities can easily be sorted into groups and the order chosen by the lab author. A group is then inserted into the instructions using one @lab replacement token.
  • Drop a group into your instructions and allow the platform to handle displaying individual activities. As new activities are added to the group, there is no need to update the IDLx markdown.
  • Activities can be randomized […]
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Un-assign Cloud Credentials

A new button is now shown in the lab client next to the cloud credentials to un-assign the credential from the user it was assigned to when the lab launched. This button is only visible to users with permissions to edit the cloud credential pool. When the credential is unassigned, it is immediately available to subsequent lab launches for labs that use the credential pool.

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LTI 1.3 Improvements

  • Select LTI 1.3 claims are now available as replacement tokens in labs. The list of available claims and tokens include (case sensitive):
    • context_id = @lab.Variable(LtiContextId)
    • context_label = @lab.Variable(LtiContextLabel)
    • context_title = @lab.Variable(LtiContextTitle)
    • roles = @lab.Variable(LtiRoles)
  • Fixed a bug resulting in an invalid launch when a global custom claim is provided in the Canvas developer key.
  • Upgraded to Httpclientfactory library when launching labs and accessing deep links.
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LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Whitespace is trimmed when configuring credentials for Cloud Subscriptions and Cloud Subscription Pools.
  • Cloud fabric VMs will automatically target a resource group when added to a lab profile.
  • Storage fields removed from subscription page when not applicable.
  • Removed erroneous label on “Choose File” dialog when adding resources.
  • Removed external class link from class monitoring page when accessed through the API.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a cloud subscription to display on a lab profile details page after the cloud platform was […]
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Email Notification Plan Management for Organizations

Want an automatic way connect with your users? We have made enhancements to our email Notification Plan feature in the TMS to allow ownership of Notifications at the Organization level. An Operations Manager, with the appropriate roles, can manage their own notification plans for their Organization. This update allows you to create your own automated email notifications based on configured trigger actions that occur within the TMS (ex: new class created; course assignment completed etc.).

And in case someone misses the email notification in their inbox, we have added a new Notification user interface that will allow users, when logged in, […]

Multiple Instances of the Same Lab

An organization can now launch multiple instances of the same lab based on their organization limit. The user will be prompted with the option to launch an existing lab instance or launch a new lab instance.  From the screen, they’ll be able to save and cancel previous instances of this lab.

TMS Enhancements and Fixes

  • Find Material Responsibilities. When a search is saved, it did not filter for organization management. We have fixed the issue to include organization management.
  • API. The documentation for CreateCourseAssignment and UpdateCourseAssignment API methods have had these two parameters updated from Expire and TargetCompletion to Expires and TargetCompletionDate.
  • Course – Activities. When a section was added to the Activities, you would need to Save twice before the section would appear on the class page.  We have fixed the issue and the section will appear when saving on the first attempt.

Azure Virtualization

Several optimizations and improvements have been made for Azure virtual machines (VM).

  • Azure hosted VM labs show a connection quality (latency) indicator in the lab client.
  • Shadow monitoring is available for Azure hosted VMs.
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