What’s New: LOD

Enable SecureNet on Lab Profiles

Through SecureNet, we have the capability, that we do not have on WebNet, to set restrictions and block sites. These restrictions can be increased or decreased as needed. SecureNet is applied on a per lab basis by super users or with the correct permissions.

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Understanding Web Access for Labs and the New Enhanced Firewall

"I would like my lab to have web access" seems like such a straightforward request. You want to be able to browse websites, download files, and generally be as connected as you would at your own workstation. The reality; however, is vastly different. Providing good, reliable Internet in on-demand, resetting, isolated environments is an interesting engineering challenge. What I'm going to do is lay out what the challenges are, the options we provide, and how we have recently made significant changes to improve the overall experience for users.

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Run a Class with Shared Labs

With the correct permissions, you can create an environment in which the instructor and users share one or more lab networks. This allows the VMs in the environment to communicate with each other. To create and use shared labs it is important to understand the terminology and the processes to create the environment, the course, and the class.

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Introducing Shared Labs

Every now and then we release a feature that can fundamentally change the way customers design and deliver lab experiences. These features enable new scenarios, enrich existing scenarios, and a open whole new world of learning creativity. Shared Labs is one of those features.

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