What’s New: TMS

What’s New in the TMS – November 2018

Display of Course Ratings

You can share the quality of your course offerings by displaying ratings on browser tiles. These ratings derive from the simple feedback given by actual users and are displayed as percentages on the tiles. When a user zooms a tile, the number of reviews are included. The following browsers will display the ratings based on criteria you set:

  • On-Demand
  • Course Catalog
  • Store*
  • Learning Paths**
  • Class

*The Store tiles show the rating on the products for the underlying course or subscription profile. Subscription profiles give a cumulative rating of all the included […]

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Announcements Overhaul – More functionality, new look, and persistent access

The Announcements feature has had a major overhaul in functionality and appearance. You now have much more flexibility to control how, where, and when announcements are seen. Here are a few examples: 1) prioritize announcements as mandatory, high, or normal; 2) set them to open in their own pop-up tied to a TMS page, and 3) expire them or completely remove them on set dates from the newly renamed Message Center. In addition, changes have been made to how announcements look and how users access them. More on these changes later. 

New Fields

New fields have been added to support the […]

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