What’s New: LOD

Lab Instruction Improvements

Lab instruction authoring has been improved to allow a function to show/hide lab instructions and lab instruction elements. Instructions and elements in Sections and code blocks can be shown or hidden based on the lab variable set via Life Cycle Actions, Activity Based Assessments, an IDLx textbox or an IDLx drop-down menu.


This can also work in conjunction with labs that use instructions stored in GitHub and displayed in the lab via a Markdown include. This allows the lab instructions to be displayed dynamically based on the variable set in the lab. For example, you could configure the drop-down menu to […]

Activity-Based Assessments

We are proud to announce the release of our newest IDLx feature – activity-based assessments. In addition to the capability of adding automated Performance Based Testing (PBT) at the end of a lab, we noticed several customers needing the ability to offer assessments as their lab progress, either as an optional ‘knowledge check’ or as a required assessment before being allowed to continue (‘building blocks’). The result is the ability to utilize a variety of ways to check knowledge throughout a lab.

Creating activities within labs helps to keep your students more involved in the learning process, taking knowledge retention to […]

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Hosting labs for Tableau Conference Europe using our new AWS Cloud Slice solution

What an exciting week for the Learn on Demand Systems event team and for Tableau Conference Europe 2018 attendees!

For Tableau Conference Europe’s first-ever cloud hosted hands-on training labs, Tableau is using Learn on Demand Systems’ new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Slice features within the Lab on Demand (LOD) event environment. Tableau, the market leader in data visualization tools is the first of our partners to do that.

That means the lucky Tableau Conference Europe attendees who scored a seat in the hands-on training workshops are experiencing Tableau software running on a virtual machine running in AWS, spun up by the LOD […]

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Teaching Students How to Use the Cloud

At Learn on Demand Systems, we have been hard at work on bringing the next evolution in hands-on learning to the training industry, and we are happy to announce the immediate availability of Cloud Slice support in our OneLearn Lab on Demand platform.

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