New Port Richey, Fla, July 29, 2020 – CBT Nuggets passed the one million lab launch count less than five years after their first lab launched with Learn on Demand Systems.

CBT Nuggets has specialized in delivering high-quality, video-based training since the 1990s, evolving their topic list from IT to project management and office productivity topics, and bringing the content online from a physical video to a streaming service. They added hands-on labs to their training menu on September 3, 2015, with two labs and a handful of students.

That virtual lab library has expanded to nearly 1,100 lab titles, including their best-seller Cisco CCNA, also known as the lab that helps learners become certified network administrators.

Incorporating hands-on labs helps CBT Nuggets keep their “learner first” promise and are key to creating a fun and engaging learning experience.

“At CBT Nuggets, we know sandbox environments enhance the learning experience without the need to purchase expensive equipment or risking disruption to live environments,” said Adam Hinman, Learning Content Administrator for CBT Nuggets. “Offering this feature with our product is what’s best for our learners and aligns with our promise to be “learner first” in everything we do.”

One million launches down and no slow down in sight, the CBT Nuggets team continues to add more and more virtual labs to their training.

“Our mission is to continually improve the effectiveness of learning,” said Heather Jennings, Learning Support Manager for CBT Nuggets. “We’re grateful to work with partners like Learn on Demand Systems who help us do just that.”

“Partnering with CBT Nuggets and seeing them achieve this milestone so quickly reinforces our team’s passion for delivering a powerful lab platform,” said Corey Hynes, CEO of Learn on Demand Systems. “The ability to practice tasks in a real-world environment is a fundamental aspect of learning and we’re glad to play a part in their journey.”

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About CBT Nuggets
For two decades, CBT Nuggets has been providing on-demand training for IT pros and teams around the globe. They believe that learning IT doesn’t have to mean boring lectures, the frantic pace of bootcamps or lots of time away from your job or family. With CBT Nuggets, you can train anytime and anywhere with a world-class team from the comfort of your office chair or living room couch. Their training is informative, relevant and engaging — and because most videos are 10 minutes or less, it’s easier to retain information. Choose from a training library of thousands of videos on in-demand technologies from widely used and respected vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco and AWS.

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