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Free eBook- Challenge Accepted: Emerging Principles in Learning Design

Rapid changes in our current business environment require constant innovation. While challenge-based learning has been a long-established method of creating meaningful learning experiences, new research in cognition and neuroscience is giving it increased importance. In our new free eBook created in partnership with leading learning consultant Tom Gram we explore a learning-by-doing approach anchored in task-based challenges, using six evidence-based principles that inform and guide the design of breakthrough learning —driven by challenge-centric learning.

Modern learning design allows learners to select focused content and access on-demand learning resources unique to their needs, making the approach well-suited to those of modern organizations and remote employees working, and learning, at their own pace. Embracing the accelerating digital transformation for both learners and content creators is the best way to propel your programs forward.

Through this eBook you’ll gain a greater understanding of why your training programs need to integrate more action-oriented learning, and how to take full advantage of the latest learning research, media, and technologies to create leading learning programs for right now.

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