Codify’s mission is to help organizations move to cloud-based solutions, while arming those organizations with the understanding of their unique business drivers.

That means having the right people on Codify’s team is crucial to its success.

In the past, finding job candidates was a grueling process. It typically involved starting with about 30 people who had been screened for a culture fit by a recruiter, narrowing those down to three to five people, and then finally selecting someone to join the team. The process was time-intensive, taking about three weeks and 120 hours.

With Codify growing at a rapid pace, director Ben Parker knew they couldn’t scale that method.

“We strive to find self-starters,” Ben said. “We want someone who can pick up any task, approach it and get to a conclusion. We want someone who’s committed and excited to work for us. And, we also really need people who know what they say they know.”

Challenge Labs transform the recruitment process

Learn on Demand Systems introduced Ben and his team to Challenge Labs, hands-on lab challenges that enable you to validate skills quickly, simply and effectively.

The results?

  • Accelerated recruiting process
  • Time savings
  • Confidence in well-qualified hires

A shortened and streamlined recruiting process

Ben and his team have drastically reduced the time it takes to hire a new team member. Now, once Codify’s recruiter identifies applicants who fit culturally, each of those candidates receives two Challenge Labs.

To determine which candidates move further along in the interview process, Ben and team consider factors like who completed the challenges correctly and how long it took them, as well as who abandoned the challenges. The team is able to quickly weed out candidates who aren’t willing to put in the time or don’t have the necessary skillset for the role, which in this case, means having Azure knowledge at their fingertips.

“We’ve gone from a process that took about 120 hours of our time to one that takes 40 hours,” Ben marveled. “It’s fantastic!”

Confidence in well-qualified hires

“More and more organizations are trying to qualify someone’s technical skills—particularly with the cloud,” explained Ben. “It’s very hard to qualify someone’s technical ability and to be sure they know what they say they know on their resume. Challenge Labs give us that ability.”

“Using Learn on Demand Systems’ Challenge Labs for job candidates’ technical evaluation is a no-brainer,” he said. “We consume it as a service, so it’s not expensive at all in comparison to the time we save. And the ability to see someone demonstrate the skill of picking up what is probably a new solution to them—or maybe looks different from the last time they did it—and implementing it end-to-end is invaluable.”

What’s next

“We’re growing, which means we’re planning to do more recruitment next year,” explained Ben. “For us, that means we’ll be even more dependent on Challenge Labs, because we can’t scale the old method. We can scale this method. The challenges go a long way in helping us to identify the right candidate.”

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