With the increase in demand for virtual training, it’s more important than ever to nurture a connection between your learner and your content. Meet your business needs by evoking changed behaviors in learners based on their experience and knowledge level with virtual challenge labs that encourage learners to explore and apply their knowledge.

In this free Training Industry Product Showcase, Katie O’Zey, Lead Instructional Designer and Ashley Neace Senior Product Manager will demonstrate how identifying your audience’s needs and meeting them there with challenge labs is a key to successful training.

Key takeaways:

During this product demo, Katie and Ashley will provide insights on:

  • Identifying learner knowledge level and balance business and instructional strategy for that level
  • How to match objectives to level of changed behavior needed
  • Adding challenges at the learner’s level to make it real to them so they can transfer the knowledge

Registering for this session also gets you a free copy of our eBook, “Challenge Accepted: Emerging Principles in Learning Design.”

Product Demo Hosted by Training Industry

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Katie has over 12 years of experience in the learning and development industry, with certifications in instructional design and e-learning.

She has dedicated her career to helping businesses reach their learners through engaging content with a focus on readiness and enablement. Katie advocates for a learner-centric approach in learning development and works closely with enablement teams for many large technology organizations to create content that achieves their goals and enriches their audience.

When not drafting perfect learning objectives, Katie spends her time writing and exploring her beautiful home state of Washington.

Ashley is an experienced product and project management leader focused on product planning, development, launch, and execution. 

She’s managed the development and delivery process of new proprietary and vendor products across multiple Microsoft technologies working closely with Project Management and other teams to provide high quality, relevant, and differentiated technical training offerings. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field of IT Training, Ashley loves creating products that help students evolve their skills and gauge their successes quickly and efficiently.