Learn on Demand Systems is collaborating with CompTIA to deliver official CompTIA content curriculum.

CompTIA is a global leader in training and certifications for technology professionals, issuing nearly 2.7 million certifications in 232 countries around the world.

Why this is a great thing your students

Students who take CompTIA labs are getting real, hands-on experience within live software applications hosted by Learn on Demand Systems, which CompTIA considers to be a critical element to their students’ learning experience. On top of that, students now have one year of access to the labs, increased from the standard six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its disruption to the training industry.

Why this is a great thing for you

As a lab hoster, Learn on Demand Systems is able to help students prepare for CompTIA certifications. Gaining CompTIA’s trust in this capacity reinforces Learn on Demand System’s position that preparing for exams with hands-on experience is crucial to true skills development.

Extended access to labs enables students to have more time as they develop their skills, which helps with their near-term goals of passing certification exams and enhancing professional capabilities.

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