Improve your customer’s learning experience with quality content. From designing and developing to optimizing and troubleshooting, we can help you take your training solutions to the next level.


Content Creation


We can design a demonstration that features your content delivered in our Lab on Demand platform or your preferred lab platform.


Our subject matter experts (SMEs) can design and develop hands-on lab(s) that utilize rich and interactive features to ensure your learners are engaged and walk away with tangible knowledge.  Elements of lab development can include: Lab documentation, Virtual Machines, and/or Cloud Deployment Templates or Scripts


A clinic is a series of labs organized to be delivered in sequential order, with additional supporting materials.  The duration of a clinic can range from 1/2 day to 1 day.  

Workshops and Courses

The duration of the workshop is generally 2- 3 days in length where courses will generally span to 4-5 days in length.    A workshop or a course can also include the development of a delivery guide and slide deck if desired. 


Do you know if your learner grasped the concepts to perform a lab correctly?  We develop logic and scripts for labs to provide a means of assessments.

Content Optimizing & Troubleshooting

Lab or Demonstration Conversion 

We can work with you to migrate or convert your existing labs/demos from one platform to another.  


Let our team of experts research the root cause of the issue and then provide you with the solution on how best to resolve.


Leverage the expertise of Learn on Demand Systems SMEs to suggest improvements, such as best practices or lab redesign to your current training content. 


We can develop logic and scripts for your labs and/or demo to provide a means of assessments.

PLUS, Peace of Mind Services

Concierge Service

This service may be added to any product (lab or demo) to simplify the management of the product over its lifetime.  By adding this service you can simply request that the Learn on Demand Systems team perform certain tasks for you and have confidence that those tasks will be done in the best possible manner.

Warranty Service

This is a set of services that can be added to any product that has been created specifically for you by Learn on Demand Systems to ensure the product remains functional for the duration of its anticipated life.  This service is suitable when external changes that may impact functionality exists, such as training on cloud-based platforms. 

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