Super Users can convert a class set up from “Create Class” to be changed to a class voucher class. Some of our customers purchase Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) courses directly from us and also purchase labs through the Courseware Marketplace (CWM). We have two different processes for scheduling these classes based on how the purchase is made. The ability to convert a class to class vouchers will reduce the bulk of work done by TMS operations to correct billing on these enrollments each month.

A class may be converted when the following conditions are met.
1. The class must have students in the Enrollment status of Enrolled.
2. The class cannot have existing Training Keys generated.
3. The organization that owns the class has vouchers available for the course the class is based on.
4. There must enough vouchers available to cover all enrollments in the Enrolled status.

A class can be converted regardless of when it takes place, it can be over, in session, or in the future. If a class meets all the requirements above, a Convert to Class Vouchers link displays in the Class profile’s quick links tray. Selecting the link opens a dialog stating the class will be converted and the number of vouchers it will use. You can continue to convert it or cancel out. Completing the conversion updates the maximum capacity of the class to the number of vouchers added and applies a voucher to each student with an enrollment in the Enrolled status.