Frank Gartland has been driving positive change in online, expert-led learning experiences for more than 25 years, including leadership roles with Microsoft, iLinc, Thomson NETg and others. Most recently, Frank was CEO of Veeya, a managed service provider focused on serving K-12 with technology as a service, where subscription revenues increased more than 300% during his tenure.

In this new role as Chief Product Officer, Frank will oversee our transformation from hands-on training to hands-on skill development and validation through challenge-centric learning.

“I see a real opportunity to transform learning right now,” says Frank. “Technical learning is something that I’ve been passionate about for my entire career and what we’ve been through in 2020 and the first part of 2021 has made online learning a requirement. The way you can have both skills development and validation wrapped into one thing is a real game changer.”

Frank will focus on our Challenge Labs and other solutions, driving the concept of challenge-centric learning and the opportunity learners have to make an impact in their company or career by applying what they’ve learned from a tailored lab experience.

“Frank is joining us at an incredibly important time as we move into the next generation of our company’s offerings,” says Corey Hynes, CEO of Learn on Demand Systems. “Coming off the heels of our investment from Shamrock, Frank will be instrumental as we continue to grow and innovate in challenge-centric learning and hands-on scored labs, building the right solutions for our customers and maintaining our position as a leader in the industry.”

His experience with Microsoft included the popular “Jump Starts” on Microsoft Virtual Academy, now part of the Microsoft Learn platform. With his leadership, the “Jump Starts” monthly viewership grew to more than two million customers, partners and prospects consuming thousands of hours of free video learning in 14 languages.

As Vice President of Products with iLinc, Frank led the transformation of the virtual classroom system used by Global Knowledge, and more than 2,700 others, and he led Microsoft Virtual Academy to become an international learning community. Frank lives in Arizona with his wife and four kids, and he could always play more golf.

Hear more from Frank in this interview with Jenny Davis, Director of Communications and Media Relations at Learn on Demand Systems.