Session hosted and recorded on Thursday, January 14


The three biggest obstacles to getting started with lab development are choices, decisions and uncertainty about both. It can cause mental gridlock and make even the simplest lab build extremely difficult. In an effort to reduce the time and stress of lab creation, Learn on Demand Systems created the Lab Profile Template Gallery. Join us to see how this lab development tool enables you to create a new lab profile from scratch in just a few clicks.

Key Takeaways

1. Build a lab from scratch, quickly and easily
2. Build an organization template gallery to make templates available for your team
3. Explore the current and planned lab profile templates

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Brian Bork is a Technical Content and Event Manager at Learn on Demand Systems.  Brian became an MCT in 1999. He has taught Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, HTML/PHP and IIS technologies all over the world. Still certified as an MCT, Brian now teaches educational soft-skills about remote/virtual/online delivery technologies.