Development Roadmap

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Recently Launched

Open Virtual Machines in a Separate Window

LOD | Release date: 2/15/2019

From the main lab window, each virtual machine can be opened and displayed in its own window. This allows for better window management in IDLx labs.

Simplified Login for Amazon Web Services Cloud Slice Labs

LOD | Release date: 1/28/2019

Allows a lab user to launch a lab and go directly into the Amazon Web Services portal, without the need to enter AWS credentials.

API Create and Update Class

TMS | Release date: 1/11/2019

TMS Classes can now be created and updated through the API!

Integrated Help

TMS | Release date: 1/11/2019

Integrated help within the TMS providing guidance to the user based on their roles.

Site Administration Menu

TMS | Release date: 1/7/2019

Site Administration link can open in a navigation menu.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Slice

LOD | Release date: 11/30/2018

Cloud Slice labs using Amazon Web Services.

Increased Shared Environment Scalability – Cross Platform

LOD | Release date: 11/16/2018

Massive scalability improvements, which allows customer-driven scheduling and delivery. Improved functionality for cyber-range capabilities — possible to use shared Hyper-V and VMware resources.

Hyper-V Scoring Performance Improvement

LOD | Release date: 11/16/2018

Performance improvements for scoring functionality on Hyper-V hosted labs.

In Development

Amazon Web Services scoring capability

LOD | Expected release: Q4/2018

Scored labs using Amazon Web Services.


TMS | Expected release date: Q1

Adding SAML API to the TMS.

ABA Exam Scores

TMS | Expected release date: Q1

Viewing and export of LoD Achievement Based Assessments in the TMS.

Follow Discussions

TMS | Expected release date: Q1

Notification by email or in platform message when new posts are added in a Discussion.

Course Cloning

TMS | Expected release date: Q1

Ability to clone a Course through a Save As link.

Marketplace v1

Marketplace | Expected release date: Q1

Online store for direct sales of products and services.

Customer Portal v1

Portal | Expected release date: Q2

Onboard quickly and efficiently as a TMS and/or LOD customer and view billing and invoices.


Terminal Access to Linux Virtual Machines

LOD | Expected release: Q1/2019

Allows direct access to Linux SSH sessions in the browser.

Native Linux Scoring

LOD | Expected release date: Q1/2019

Scoring with Linux will no longer have the requirement to install a supplementary service in the virtual machine. Significant performance improvement.

Improved Linux HTML5 remote control performance

LOD | Expected release date: Q1/2019

Better integration with mouse and keyboard, and improved screen refresh rate.

Custom ACLs for Web Access

LOD | Expected release date: Q2/2019

Provides the ability to whitelist or blacklist URLs that are used in the lab.

Multi-platform Cloud Slice

LOD | Expected release date: Q2/2019

Cloud Slice labs that use multiple cloud providers (Azure and AWS).

Differencing Disk Management – Merge Disk Stack into one Disk

LOD | Expected release date: Q3/2019

Allows multiple differencing disks to be merged into one virtual disk.

Differencing Disk Management – Undo capability

LOD | Expected release date: Q3/2019

Allows a lab author to undo a differencing disk capture, and revert to previous settings.

Integrated Platform Help System search capability

LOD | Expected release date: Q4/2019

Allows a user to enter search terms for documentation in the Integrated Platform Help System.