Amazon Web Services Cloud Slice

LOD | Release date: 11/30/2018

Cloud Slice labs using Amazon Web Services.

Hyper-V Scoring Performance Improvement

LOD | Release date: 11/16/2018

Performance improvements for scoring functionality on Hyper-V hosted labs.

Increased Shared Environment Scalability – Cross Platform

LOD | Release date: 11/16/2018

Massive scalability improvements, which allows customer-driven scheduling and delivery. Improved functionality for cyber-range capabilities — possible to use shared Hyper-V and VMware resources.

Lab Client Multi-lingual Support

LOD | Release date: 11/02/2018

Allows the lab client to be displayed in additional languages.

VMware Hosted Scoring

LOD | Release date: 10/15/2018

Allows scoring to be performed on VMware hosted labs.

Replacement Tokens used as variables 

LOD | Release date: 10/15/2018

This allows a replacement token to be assigned to a variable, and then used in Life Cycle Actions and scoring scripts.

Any Virtual Meeting Provider Enabled by adding URL to Classes

TMS | Release date: 9/20/2018

Organizations can set any class to be virtual by inputting a URL to their own virtual meeting provider.

Set Custom Student and Administrator Landing Pages

TMS | Release date: 9/20/2018

Designate the page where students or administrators will land when they sign in.

Integrated Platform Help System

LOD | Release date: 9/07/2018

This allows users to access documentation from within the platform, as well as from outside of the platform.

IDLx Split Window

LOD | Release date: 9/07/2018

IDLx labs that use virtual machines can now be split into two windows, allowing the instructions window and virtual machine window to be displayed separately.

Role Assignment through Authentication Provider

TMS | Release date: 8/30/2018

Roles can now be assigned based on the Authentication Provider used on login.

New API Endpoint

LOD | Release date: 8/17/2018

Score Activities: used to obtain lab activity score results via LTI.

SkillPipe Single Sign On 

TMS | Release date: 8/16/2018

Organizations can now enable access to the Arvato SkillPipe courseware library for class enrollments in the TMS.

Class Browser

TMS | Release date: 8/16/2018

Modern UI update to the Class Browser page for your organization’s upcoming classes.

Event Improvements

LOD | Release date: 8/10/2018

Several improvements to Events, including launch QR code, captcha, and anonymous event browsing.

2-Step Email Verification 

TMS | Release date: 8/2/2018

Organizations can now add 2-step email verification to their anonymous user registration process to ensure the user identity.

Take Control of Cloud Slice labs

LOD | Release date: 7/30/2018

Instructors and admins can now take control of a Cloud Slice lab from the monitor labs page in TMS, as well as the lab instance page in LOD.

IDLx Image Dimensions

LOD | Release date: 7/30/2018

You can now specify image dimensions in IDLx labs.

Two new API endpoints; Lab Instructions and Update Lab Instructions Package

LOD | Release date: 7/30/2018

Lab Instructions: allows you to update the IDL-MD instructions of a lab.

Update Lab Instructions Package: allows you to update the IDL-MD instructions of a lab by uploading a zip archive containing the instructions and any referenced files, such as images and videos.

GitHub Integration

LOD | Release date: 7/12/2018

Now supports multiple lab profiles. You can now manage multiple lab profiles, using one GitHub repository.

Course Discussion Boards

TMS | Release date: 7/12/2018

Add discussion boards to courses and moderate the conversations.

Amazon Web Services scoring capability

LOD | Expected release: Q4/2018

Scored labs using Amazon Web Services.

API Class Creation

TMS | Expected release: Q4

Ability to create a class via the API.

Site Administration Menu

TMS | Expected release: Q4

Site Administration link will open a navigation menu.

Token Store v1

TMS | Expected release: Q4

Direct sales of LODS content to end users.

LO Courseware Integration

TMS | Expected release: Q4

With a Logical Operations license, order their courseware from within the TMS. Access to the courseware for students will also be through the TMS.

Customer Portal v1

TMS/LOD | Expected release date: Q4

Onboard quickly and efficiently as a TMS and/or LOD customer.

Terminal Access to Linux Virtual Machines

LOD | Expected release: Q1/2019

Allows direct access to Linux SSH sessions in the browser.

Native Linux Scoring

LOD | Expected release date: Q1/2019

Scoring with Linux will no longer have the requirement to install a supplementary service in the virtual machine. Significant performance improvement.

Improved Linux HTML5 remote control performance

LOD | Expected release date: Q1/2019

Better integration with mouse and keyboard, and improved screen refresh rate.

Custom ACLs for Web Access

LOD | Expected release date: Q2/2019

Provides the ability to whitelist or blacklist URLs that are used in the lab.

Multi-platform Cloud Slice

LOD | Expected release date: Q2/2019

Cloud Slice labs that use multiple cloud providers (Azure and AWS).

Differencing Disk Management – Merge Disk Stack into one Disk

LOD | Expected release date: Q3/2019

Allows multiple differencing disks to be merged into one virtual disk.

Differencing Disk Management – Undo capability

LOD | Expected release date: Q3/2019

Allows a lab author to undo a differencing disk capture, and revert to previous settings.

Integrated Platform Help System search capability

LOD | Expected release date: Q4/2019

Allows a user to enter search terms for documentation in the Integrated Platform Help System.

User Interface Modernization

TMS | Expected release date: Q4 2018 & Q1 2019

Continued updates modernizing student- facing pages.

TMS Integrated Help

TMS | Expected release date: Q2 2019

This will be context-sensitive help within the TMS that will provide guidance to the user based on their current location in the TMS.

Learning Paths v2

TMS | Expected release date: Q2 2019

This will provide more flexibility with the paths to training goals to include class enrollments, regular course assignments, and branches.

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