Development Roadmap

Development Roadmap2019-04-02T18:03:23+00:00

Recently Launched

Add Certificates to Classes

TMS | Release date: 4/18/19

TMS Classes can now have their own certificates as well as the inherited course certificate, if available.

Custom Access Control Lists for Web Access

LOD | Released: 3/1/2019

Provides the ability to whitelist or blacklist URLs that are used in the lab.

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Native Linux Scoring

LOD | Released: 3/1/2019

Scoring with Linux will no longer have the requirement to install a supplementary service in the virtual machine. Significant performance improvement.

Open Virtual Machines in a Separate Window

LOD | Release date: 2/15/2019

From the main lab window, each virtual machine can be opened and displayed in its own window. This allows for better window management in IDLx labs.

Follow Discussions

TMS | Release date: 2/13/19

Notification by email or in platform message when new posts are added in a Discussion.

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Terminal Access to Linux Virtual Machines

LOD | Released: 2/8/2019

Allows direct access to Linux SSH sessions in the browser.

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Simplified Login for Amazon Web Services Cloud Slice Labs

LOD | Release date: 1/28/2019

Allows a lab user to launch a lab and go directly into the Amazon Web Services portal, without the need to enter AWS credentials.

For more information about Cloud Slice, read:

API Create and Update Class

TMS | Release date: 1/11/2019

TMS Classes can now be created and updated through the API!

In Development

Accessibility Improvements

LOD | Expected release date: Q2/2019

Accessibility improvements for screen readers and other accessibility utilities.

Authentication through LinkedIn

LOD/TMS | Expected release date: Q2/2019

LinkedIn will be an additional option to organizations for authentication of their users.


TMS | Expected release date: Q2

Adding SAML API to the TMS.

ABA Exam Scores

TMS | Expected release date: Q1

Viewing and export of LoD Achievement Based Assessments in the TMS.

Course Cloning

TMS | Expected release date: Q1

Ability to clone a Course through a Save As link.

Marketplace v1

Marketplace | Expected release date: Q2

Online store for direct sales of products and services.

Customer Portal v1

Portal | Expected release date: Q2

Onboard quickly and efficiently as a TMS and/or LOD customer and view billing and invoices.


Self-Publish Labs to API

LOD | Expected release date: Q2/2019

Allows organizations with proprietary content to self-publish labs to that organizations API consumer.

Differencing Disk Management – Merge Disk Stack into one Disk

LOD | Expected release date: Q3/2019

Allows multiple differencing disks to be merged into one virtual disk.

Differencing Disk Management – Undo capability

LOD | Expected release date: Q3/2019

Allows a lab author to undo a differencing disk capture, and revert to previous settings.

User Interface Modernization

TMS | Expected release date: Q2

Continued updates modernizing student- facing pages.

LO Courseware Integration

TMS | Expected release: Q2

With a Logical Operations license, order their courseware from within the TMS. Access to the courseware for students will also be through the TMS.