Announcements v2 – Message Center

TMS | Release date: 5/11/2018

Set priority for announcements/messages. Target them to user roles and/or pages.

Instructor Pool revamp

TMS | Release date: 5/11/18

This will help organizations choose their contract instructors and will allow instructors to get access to what they need to prep.

Accessibility Updates to Various TMS Pages

TMS | Release date: 4/09/2018

Updates to various pages to improve accessibility.

Close User Accounts from User Profile in TMS or via API

TMS | Release date: 4/09/2018

Allows a user or organization to export user data or close a user account in accordance with GDPR.

Managed VMs in AWS

LOD | Release date: 3/30/2018

Deploy managed VMs that are hosted in AWS as part of a lab.

IDLx Automatic Check-In / Check-Out When Editing Lab Instructions

LOD | Release date: 3/22/2018

  • IDLx no longer requires you to explicitly check out a lab before you can edit instructions. Just click the “Edit Instructions” link in the upper right corner of the screen. After you’re done working, just close the instructions editor and the lab will be checked in for you as well.
  • IDLx allows you to view the instructions via the Edit Instructions link even if someone else is actively editing the instructions. The instructions editor will simply open in read-only mode.
  • IDL legacy still requires check-in/check-out (the buttons have moved a little bit to be more intuitive).

LOD Integrated Help

LOD | Release date: 3/13/2018

New Quick Start and Feature Focus guides that are launched from new Help link within LOD in a companion window.

Anonymous Save/Resume

LOD | Release date: 2/22/2018

Set labs to allow anonymous launch users to save and resume their labs at a later time with an access link.

Close Accounts via API

LOD | Release date: 2/12/2018

Allows a user or organization to close an account in accordance with GDPR.

IDLx upgrades

LOD | Release date: 2/12/2018

Copy an image into your lab instructions using Ctrl+V and display the image inline or as a link. Upload or drag media and documents into instructions. Keep one copy of repeating instructions and reference it in other places.


TMS | Release date: 2/9/2018

Create Achievements for your organization that your users earn automatically through their TMS activities.

Interests and Interest Groups

TMS | Release date: 2/9/2018

Create interests for users to select on their profiles and target documents to those interests.

Presenter Bio

TMS | Release date: 1/25/2018

Add users with biographical data to courses so students can see the background of the presenter or author.

Custom Support Ticket URL

LOD | Release date: 1/20/2018

Control where the user is taken when they click the Support Ticket link in the lab client.

IDL1 to IDL2 Upgrade Process

LOD | Release date: 1/20/2018

Upgrade your IDL1 labs to IDL2 format with 2 clicks.

Documents v1

TMS | Release date: 1/5/2018

Share documents with users based on roles and/or courses.

Learning Paths v1

TMS | Release date: 1/5/2018

Create a Learning Path that groups On Demand courses together that meet a training goal.

Save Delay on Saved Pre-instances

LOD | Release date: 12/1/2017

When the Save Delay is greater than zero, pre-instances will be allowed to run for the configured number of seconds before being saved.

Integrated Help Dialog for IDLx Editor

LOD | Release date: 11/22/2017

Added “Learn More” link that launches a new Markdown guide in a companion window.

Low Enrollment Notifications

TMS | Release date: 11/2/2017

Set up a notification to trigger the first time a scheduled class drops below the minimum students within a set timeframe before the class.

Class Import updates

TMS | Release date: 10/27/2017

Import virtual classes and classes available to other organizations.

Cloud Slice updates

LOD | Release date: 10/27/2017

Create multiple cloud portal users in a single lab profile. Assign cloud portal users to resource groups if desired. Set cloud portal user permissions per resource group.

IDLx Editor

LOD | Release date: 10/27/2017

Allows labs to be authored in Markdown format that supports LODS-specific Knowledge and Alert blocks, replacement tokens, and interactive task lists. The editor features syntax highlighting, find and replace, line numbers, code folding, side-by-side real-time preview, and much, much more.

User Field Update Flags

TMS | Release date: 10/27/2017

Flag text fields on a user’s profile to prompt them to change/correct the data.

Lab Tags

LOD | Release date: 10/8/2017

Tags can be created and applied to multiple labs. Tags are exposed through the API in both the “LabProfile” and “Catalog” commands. Quinn Lamb, Kim Frank, you may now proceed with the tagging project for MSHOL.

Cloud Client

LOD | Release date: 9/22/2017

Streamlined user interface as part of our new Integrated Digital Learning eXperience (IDLx)

Evaluation Responses Export

LOD | Release date: 9/1/2017

Export evaluation responses from your users to analyze later.

Export Survey Responses

TMS | Release date: 8/28/2017

Export survey responses from your users to analyze later.

Cloud Slice

LOD | Release date: 8/25/2017

Build hands-on integrated learning environments using only a cloud platform with tightly-controlled access.

Integrated PBT (PBT Phase 2)

LOD | Release date: 7/31/17

Second phase of PBT feature set has been released including Open-Ended and Fill in the Blank Questions, as well as surfacing Lab on Demand PBT results in the TMS.

Open-Ended and Fill in the Blank Questions: Lab on Demand Performance Based Testing Platform Update

LOD | Release date: 07/31/17

You can now add questions to an assessment exam where the answer is text. This can be fill-in-the-blank type questions or open-ended questions. The new options for answers are…

Surface Lab on Demand Performance-Based Test Results

TMS | Release date: 07/31/17

There are new Exam Lab Instances links in the following locations: Lab tile on the Admin page, Class Details page, Organization Profile page, User Transcript, User Profile…

Integrate Life Cycle Actions into Your Labs

LOD | Release date: 07/17/17

In the past, you could send a request to an outside URL when a lab was first built or torn down using the Build Service URL and Tear Down Service URL fields on the Advanced tab of the Lab Profile…

Manage Events through New Tag and Achievement Functionality

LOD | Release date: 07/17/17

Two new functionalities have been added to Events: 1) Sorting tags alphabetically automatically or manually and 2) setting Achievements to prompt for participation…

Bulk Class Import Tool Now Available in TMS

TMS | Release date: 06/30/17

You can now import several classes at once using the new Bulk Class Import tool. To do this…

Export a List of Courses from the Simple Course Catalog

TMS | Release date: 06/30/17

You can now export the courses listed on the Simple Course Catalog. To do this, on the Simple Course Catalog…

Include External Classrooms on the Room Calendar

TMS | Release date: 06/30/17

You can now include external classrooms that have been set up for your organization on your room calendar…

Lab on Demand Geo-Location – Launching From the Closest Datacenter

LOD | Release date: 06/15/17

With the opening of our APAC datacenter, we have added support for geo-location to Lab on Demand.

Notifications Now Live in OneLearn Training Management System and Lab on Demand

TMS-LOD | Release date: 06/13/17

This past weekend we added support for a notifications engine in both OneLearn Training Management and OneLearn Lab on Demand.

Protect External Link Resources and Content from Unauthorized Users

LOD | Release date: 06/12/17

If you have files in a protected external blob storage account that are used for lab resources or videos, these files are now protected from someone sharing a link to those files.

Mark a Lab Profile as a Favorite to Easily Find Again

LOD | Release date: 06/02/17

When you are working with a lab profile and want to be able to get back to it quickly in the future, you can now mark it as a Favorite.

Control the Maximum Number of Students in a Class

TMS | Release date: 05/31/17

We now can set a limit to the number of students an organization can have in a class they own.

 “Clone” a Class Roster for Another Class

TMS | Release date: 05/31/17

You can easily add all students enrolled in one class to the roster of another class. This can be very handy when the same set of students are progressing from one class to the next…

Protect External Link Activities

TMS | Release date: 05/31/17

If you have files in a protected external blob storage account, these files are now protected from someone sharing a link to those files from a course’s activities or resources.

Enable SecureNet on Lab Profiles

LOD | Release date: 05/08/17

Through SecureNet, we have the capability, that we do not have on WebNet, to set restrictions and block sites. These restrictions can be increased or decreased as needed.

Bookmark Courses Now from More Locations

LMS | Release date: 04/28/17

This allows you to easily find and take courses in the future. To bookmark a course from the Course Details page…

Provide and View Feedback on Courses

LMS | Release date: 04/28/17

It provides a place for users to provide simple feedback that includes text and a Smiley / Frowney face on courses…

GitHub Integration

LOD | Expected release date: 03/31/17

Edit a lab’s content in GitHub and update IDL with the changes.

Shared Labs (Cyber Range)

LOD | Release date: 03/10/17

Create lab environments that share their networks with each others to allow machines to communicate between a Shared Lab Environment and Participants.

GDPR compliance

TMS/LOD | Expected release date: 5/25/2018

This will ensure the platforms are compliant with GDPR requirements.

LO Courseware Integration

TMS | Expected release date: 6/1/18

With a Logical Operations license, order their courseware from within the TMS. Access to the courseware for students will also be through the TMS.

Course Discussion Boards

TMS | Expected release date: 6/22/18

Add discussion boards to courses and moderate the conversations.

Customer Portal v1

TMS/LOD | Expected release date: 6/29/2018

Onboard quickly and efficiently as a TMS and/or LOD customer.

Token Store v1

TMS | Expected release date: 6/29/2018

Browse courses available on demand on our storefront then purchase/redeem tokens to consume the content.

Activity-Based Assessments

LOD | Expected release date: 6/30/2018

A re-imagined assessment model for IDLx.

Amazon AWS Cloud Slice

LOD | Expected release date: 6/30/2018

Build labs that include slices of one or more Amazon AWS subscriptions.

Life Cycle Actions for Amazon AWS

LOD | Expected release date: 6/30/2018

Run lifecycle actions against an Amazon AWS subscription

Automation Features

TMS | Expected release date: Quarter 3

Increase efficiency through improved process updates and wizards.

Documents v2

TMS | Expected release date: Quarter 3

This will make it easier for users to find documents tied to their roles, enrollments or course assignments.

Microsoft Courseware Marketplace Integration

TMS | Expected release date: Quarter 3

As an Arvato customer, order courseware in the TMS from the Microsoft Courseware Marketplace. Access to the courseware for students will also be through the TMS.

MTM integration

TMS | Expected release date: Quarter 3

Optional integration of Metrics That Matters by Gartner reporting and assessment tool for learning analytics.

TMS Integrated Help

TMS | Expected release date: Quarter 3

This will be context-sensitive help within the TMS that will provide guidance to the user based on their current location in the TMS.

Learning Paths v2

TMS | Expected release date: Quarter 4

This will provide more flexibility with the paths to training goals to include class enrollments, regular course assignments, and branches.