Development Roadmap

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Recently Launched

Integrated Help

TMS | Release date: 1/11/2019

Integrated help within the TMS providing guidance to the user based on their roles.

To access the TMS Integrated Help, go to

Site Administration Menu

TMS | Release date: 1/7/2019

Site Administration link can open in a navigation menu.

For more information, please read

Amazon Web Services Cloud Slice

LOD | Release date: 11/30/2018

Cloud Slice labs using Amazon Web Services.

For more information about Cloud Slice, read:

Increased Shared Environment Scalability – Cross Platform

LOD | Release date: 11/16/2018

Massive scalability improvements, which allows customer-driven scheduling and delivery. Improved functionality for cyber-range capabilities — possible to use shared Hyper-V and VMware resources.

For more information on Shared Labs, read:

Hyper-V Scoring Performance Improvement

LOD | Release date: 11/16/2018

Performance improvements for scoring functionality on Hyper-V hosted labs.

For more information about scoring with Activity based assessments, read:

Lab Client Multi-lingual Support

LOD | Release date: 11/02/2018

Allows the lab client to be displayed in additional languages.

Amazon Web Services scoring capability

LOD | Released: 10/15/2018

Scored labs using Amazon Web Services.

For more information about scoring with Activity based assessments in AWS labs, read:

Replacement Tokens used as variables

LOD | Release date: 10/15/2018

This allows a replacement token to be assigned to a variable, and then used in Life Cycle Actions and scoring scripts.

For more information about Life Cycle Actions, read:

For more information about Replacement Tokens, read:

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