Want an automatic way connect with your users? We have made enhancements to our email Notification Plan feature in the TMS to allow ownership of Notifications at the Organization level. An Operations Manager, with the appropriate roles, can manage their own notification plans for their Organization. This update allows you to create your own automated email notifications based on configured trigger actions that occur within the TMS (ex: new class created; course assignment completed etc.).

And in case someone misses the email notification in their inbox, we have added a new Notification user interface that will allow users, when logged in, to view any notification that has been sent to them directly within their user profile. To view Notifications, click the Envelope icon to navigate to My Notifications.


On the My Notifications page, users can view any notification that has been sent to them from your Organization. They have the ability to view the entire content of that notification and mark them as read. Utilizing this feature can help users stay up to date and be in the know with all of the learning opportunities and communications your Organization is providing.