Efficient collaboration between instructors and learners is increasingly important as training shifts to a virtual environment.

With our monitoring capabilities, instructors can interact with their learners during lab activities to keep them on track for course completion.

Our instructor monitoring feature has been available for more than a decade, but we continue to add functionality to provide an enriching experience for instructors and students. Our newest enhancement enables the instructor to view students in a grid layout rather than a list view, offering three different thumbnail sizes: Small, medium and large.

Want to watch a demo instead? Here’s a 2-minute video:


Deploying the Monitor Labs Feature

When an instructor is logged into a class, the Monitor Labs icon appears on the main taskbar.

After selecting the icon, the instructor can see a list view of students who have the lab activity launched. The instructor can see when the student started the lab, the current state and when the last activity occurred, as well as send notifications and share files inside the students’ lab machines.

Changing the Display

If an instructor would like to view the students’ lab progress in our new tiled display, they can simply click the Layout option box to select a view option.

The Small Tiles view enables the instructor to see four students in a row:

The Medium Tiles view is slightly larger, placing three students in a row:

The Large Tiles view focuses on just two students:

When a student needs assistance, the instructor can select the student’s lab instance and then either reach out to the student via Send Notification or can access the lab via Take Control.

After the instructor is finished making changes, they can release control back to the learner.


Instructor monitoring and its enhancements are a standard feature with Learn on Demand Systems and available for all scheduled classes.

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