As a lab author, “Saving” a lab profile can mean many things. Would you like to save your lab instance and come back later? Would you like to capture differencing disks on a virtual machine? Would you like to capture a start state? Traditionally, this required selecting different options in different areas of the lab client user interface. All these options have now been consolidated into the single Save option within the hamburger menu in the top right of the interface.

The options in the above image are now presented when a user has lab author permissions and selects Save from the menu. With this change comes support for additional modifications to lab profiles when either updating or saving as new as outlined below.

Save Lab Instance

This is the traditional save instance experience. No changes.

Update Current Lab Profile

This option provides the capability to update various aspects of the lab profile, including saving differencing disks or start states, updating container images and now changing RAM and vCPU settings. Changes to RAM and vCPU settings are implemented immediately even within your running lab instance. RAM changes are detected by the virtual machine near instantaneously and can be seen by looking at the allocated RAM within the operating systems, vCPU count changes require the virtual machine to be restarted. Lastly, when saving a new differencing disk, a lab author may choose to maintain the standard functionality of saving into the current disk location or may define a different location within their available storage.

When updating the current lab profile, Lab on Demand will leave detailed notes about the various aspects changed, however an author may optionally add additional notes. When saving a differencing disk to a virtual machine, an author is required to leave note, it is recommended to leave details about exact changes to the virtual machine as Lab on Demand does not know what software level changes were made to it.

Create New Lab Profile

When creating a new lab profile from a running instance, all the options applicable when updating the current profile are still applicable. In addition, a lab author can define a new lab name/number, align a new description, set different durations and change the lab series or organization. The series and organization selected also applies to the newly generated sub entities (such as virtual machine profiles) as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have some suggestions on how this could further benefit our organization.

That is great to hear! We love hearing feedback about how the platform can better meet the needs of our users, and we have a Community Slack channel available for lab authors to collaborate. Please use the proper channel to provide suggestions for improvements. Not a member of our Slack Channel? Join here!

For all other questions, please contact our Support.

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