Students can now share badges through an external badge provider for activities they completed through the TMS. This gives your users an additional sense of accomplishment, and they can share this accomplishment with others outside of the TMS through social media.

This new feature has the following components:

  1. Badge Provider – a repository to distribute Badges. This is a third-party vendor that will issue the badge to the user.
  2. Badge – the token given by a Badge Provider to a student to share based on the achievement earned.
  3. Achievement – the criteria needed to earn the badge. An achievement is given to users who complete specific task(s) in the TMS. These have already been in use, but up until now awards could only be seen in the TMS.

The process to create badges has four steps you will need to complete:

  1. Create a badge template in the Badge Provider’s repository. This requires access to that platform and an account to create badges. Currently we only support Credly badges.
  2. Create the Badge Provider entity in the TMS. This requires permissions in the TMS. You also need the Organization ID and API Authentication Token provided by the Badge Provider.
  3. Create the Badge entity in the TMS. This requires permissions in the TMS. You also need the Template ID for the badge provided by the Badge Provider.
  4. Associate the badge with an existing or new achievement.

Articles fully describing these steps in the TMS will be published to the Help documentation soon.