We recently extended the functionality of the Lab on Demand platform to make it easier for authors to give their users the ability to adapt the complexity of their learning while taking a lab.

Building on our long-standing commitment to providing authors with as much flexibility as possible, these enhancements were developed to support Activity-based Assessment Outcomes, otherwise known as ABAs.

A cornerstone of these types of assessments is that they can be tailored to the user based on how that user interacts with an activity. ABAs offer the best of both worlds: A highly adaptive learning experienced based on the result of an automated activity.

Now, authors can create lab content, but users get to select their own path within that lab. Whether difficulty level of the questions or tasks are low, medium or high can be determined by how a user answers a question, but it can also be determined by the user, which introduces a new level of freedom to what would otherwise be a regimented or restricted experience.

Letting Users Adapt Their Learning Level

For users, this means learning in a way that more closely matches their knowledge and preferences.

Rather than requiring authors to create learning environments in which everyone starts at the same point, follows directions and ends at the same destination, these ABA Outcomes enhancements make it easy for authors to relinquish the role of dictating the terms of the user journey.

Users can now take their own journey. For example, if the purpose of the lab is to evaluate how proficient a user is in developing SQL Server database, the lab’s author would traditionally dictate what fields need to be added. Now, users are empowered to choose the components of the database. Some may make theirs about bicycles, others about baseball bats, still others about real estate trends.

If the focus of the lab is building apps in the cloud, users can select the approach that works best for them. Whether they build a traditional app or take a more modern, serverless approach to the task, users end up with the same product – an app built in the cloud – even though they executed in two completely different ways.

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